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Bring them Inside!

March is coming in like an angry lion sooooo please, please, please.. bring them inside. The law in Dallas and many jurisdictions requires that you make sure your pets have adequate shelter, food, warm bedding and access to fresh water. In Dallas please call 311 to report any animals left outside without proper shelter, and check with your jurisdiction for rules and who to contact there.

2019 Annual Members Meeting

The 2019 annual members meeting for all paid members will be held on Sunday March 3, 2019 at 2:00 pm in Dallas Texas. Even if you can not attend the meeting this is a great way to support all of the good work that rescue does! Every bit of your annual dues goes to help the sick, injured and neglected dogs that we are able to save from death row.

First ER Surgery of the Year!

Things around here are never dull. We have already had our first Emergency Surgery 2019 and it was for a bowel obstruction. The good news is that he didn't eat a phone... but a toy that is not as impressive on film. It appears to be s toy he came to us with... WE were lucky in that the foster was alerted us to some odd behavior which we recognized as a possible obstruction ... X-rays at the emergency vet confirmed and off to surgery we went. Claus is recovering so well and is going to be completely fine in no time. Fortunately our Emergency Fund allowed us to pay for his surgery but to donate to replenish our fund :)

What is a bowel obstruction?
A bowel obstruction, also known as a gastrointestinal blockage, is a complete or partial blockage that prevents solids or liquids from passing through the gastrointestinal tract. This blockage can also decrease blood flow to the bowels, causing deterioration and absorption of toxic contents. Foreign objects can also cause the intestines to bunch into each other like a telescope.

Crazy Texas Weather and Your Pets

I can't feel my legs... seriously.. I get it... Not everyone is going to allow 120+ pup lay on the couch with them till their feet go numb:) Most of you here probably are like me and your pets are kept inside when Crazy Texas Weather hits. But every freaking time .. Animal Control and Rescue get way too many messages about animals left outside without shelter in unsuitable weather. So please bring them inside.....

Happy New Year!

Our Supporters Rock.
A Happy New Year to all our Friends and Supporters. We could not have saved as many Danes without loving foster homes, dedicated volunteers, and generous donors. Each year I pray that in the coming year, Rescues are no longer needed as no animal is left homeless to die in a shelter simply because no home could be found. Given the trend in our email box it is not likely that 2019 will be that year.

A Dogs Life
I think there are lessons to be learned from our dogs... and
pretty much said it better than I ever could.

Thank You.
To those of you who have donated to GDRNT or animal welfare over the last year we Thank You! $1 or $1,000 it is all so very appreciated and makes a huge difference. GDRNT is a 501c3, all volunteer organization your tax deductible donations go directly to the veterinary and care expenses of the Danes in our program. If you still have year end charitable funds to allocate please consider GDRNT. You may donate by clicking on the visa/MasterCard logo on the top right of the home page to go to PayPal.

May each of you have a Blessed 2019.

Merry Christmas from Bridget & GDRNT

Everyone at GDRNT wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Blessed New Year. Bridget and all our fosters are enjoying the holidays with loving foster homes! We are blessed to have so many amazing people who support GDRNT and help pups like Bridget Bardog get ready to find their FURever homes.

To all our fosters, volunteers, donors, friends and supporters we say Thank you.

Even Santa Knows!

He knows if you have been good or bad and if you if you care for your animals! Before Santa heads out for his big night he made sure Allis reindeer are healthy and ready for take off! Regular veterinary care can improve your pets quality of life so you have them longer. While State laws require Rabies (some jurisdictions may have other requirements). That is just a start! A routine veterinary exam will be nose to tail and make sure your pet is healthy.

In the DFW metroplex there are lots of low cost vaccination options but we always suggest that you establish a relationship with a veterinarian. That relationship allows your veterinarian to know your pet and recognize a real problem

Santa's reindeer have had their check ups and are ready for Christmas Eve!

Happy PAWlidays from Ozzy & Everyone at GDNRT

Ozzy PAWsbourne is wishing everyone a Happy PAWliday while he waits for his perfect FUREver home (one without kitties or small dogs). Ozzy is looking for a FURever home that wants a playful energetic dude, who likes to cuddle, guard against squirrels and rides in the car. Visit our HOW to ADOPT tab to find info on our adoption process and the application

Have a Happy & Safe Hanukkah!

We Wish a Happy Hanukkah to all our friends celebrating the 8 days of celebration with family and friends. Please remember that this special time presents special hazards for your furry family members! Here are 5 tips to avoid the emergency vet and have a peaceful and calm Hanukkah:

#GivingTuesday Matters to Mary PUPpins!

Want to join us in supporting a good cause? This #GivingTuesday We raising money for Great Dane Rescue of North Texas, Inc. Emergency Medical Fund and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. And on Giving Tuesday Nov 27, Facebook and PayPal will match a total of $7 Million in donations.

GDRNT has had almost $8,000 in Emergency expenses between Trent and Mary PUPpins. To date we have raised a little over $1,000 to replenish our Emergency Fund. This is on top of our normal veterinary expenses that typically run $3,000 to $7,000 a month our emergency fund is to cover those weekend and late night Emergency Veterinary Bills. That is with generous discounts from our veterinary teams.

Mary PUPpins doesn't need a spoonful of sugar for her medicine because she is recovering so very well! Mary came to us as medical emergency from a local shelter that knew rescue could get her the expensive care that she needed. Mary PUPpins needed a few day in the Emergency Veterinary Hopsital to get on the road to recovery. We are pleased to say Mary PUPpins is doing great but our Emergency Fund no so much.

Maintaining our Emergency Fund is important so we can make those late night decisions to save a dane without the additional worry of money.

This #GivingTuesday we hope to be able to replenish our Emergency Fund via a FB Donation Drive, our Donate PayPal Button on our website or any way you wish to donate:)


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