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#NTXGiving Day Scheduled Giving is OPEN!

#NTXGiving Day has become GDRNT's largest fundraiser of the year and vital to ours mission of saving more Danes from area shelters.

The BIG DAY is September 23rd with a full day of online community giving and YOU can help make a difference. This year we have $4,500 in MATCHING funds thanks to some Anonymous donors! These funds are in memorial of Mrs Doris Huneycutt whose legacy of love lives on. What that means that the first $4,500 dollars donated via the #NTXGiving Day Great Dane Rescue of North Texas Site will be DOUBLED!

So #BeTheGood and consider GDRNT for your #NTXGiving donations, and check out some other great Charities too!

Announcing a New Partnership with Rising Above Great Dane Funding

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Rising Above Great Dane Funding. This partnership is a major step toward the ongoing commitment we have to our adopters and hope you are as excited as we are.

Forever a GDRNT Dog, Kahl 2016-2021

Kahl (aka George) first came to GDRNT in 2016 he was returned to us young dude and was adopted by a family who had some family changes necessitating Kahl being returned to GDRNT in 2017. Kahl never lost his happy go lucky attitude but he did develop Addisons disease and all the complications that came with that. For the last 2 years he has been in a loving amazing foster home while we worked with our veterinarians, (and ER clinics) to keep his Addisons under control (and all the complications that come with it).

Over the last few months Kahl has made several trips to the ER and our veterinarian to keep him happy and healthy..... GDRNT paid to cover his medical costs while his foster worked hard to keep him his happy happy self..

Early this am Kahl let us know he could no longer fight, and it was time.... so in consultation with our veterinary team, foster and board the difficult decision was made to help him cross.

This morning Kahl peacefully went to the Rainbow bridge with his loving foster mom and GDRNT right by his side.

In the two years Kahl has been with us GDRNT has spent a large sum to keep Kahl happy and as healthy as possible... we could do this because he had an amazing foster who never gave up on him and because of generous donors who allow us to maintain a medical fund so we can make decisions without worrying about having the money on hand.

To everyone who played a part in Kahl's happy live and peaceful crossing we thank you.

Remembering Those Who Sacrifised

GDRNT is blessed to have quite a few veterans as fosters, adopters, volunteers and supporters. We are eternally grateful for their service to our Country and GDRNT.

This weekend we ask that you all take time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. May their families know their service members have not been forgotten.

Help GDRNT with Chewy Gives Back Program!

Great Dane Rescue of North Texas is now a CHEWY Gives Back partner! This program benefits GDRNT in two ways! First is we now have a Chewy WISH LIST. We use CHEWY to have foster food delivered to our fosters. We also use it from time to time if we need other things ... like collars or puppy formula. Right now we have listed Chewy Gift Cards so we can buy foster food each month.

The second way is that GDRNT can benefit is for new Chewy customers to use our Referral code and GDRNT gets up to $15 in credit directly from Chewy! Click here to find the Chewy referral program

In Honor of Ms. Gwen Goodman's Memory

On November 22, 2020 GDRNT and the animal loving community lost a beautiful soul. Gwen Goodman was a dog- mom to Sadie, her sweet pup rescued from life in a parking lot. In addition to loving Sadie Gwen loved taking her visiting family on Texas adventures, traveling to see her favorite band, and expressing her travels through her art.

Gwen became acquainted with GDRNT when Sadie started daycare and quickly they both became favorites with staff and regulars. Sadie was a favorite of the owners family and often stayed at their home when Gwen traveled. Sadie has lost her mom but has been adopted by this GDRNT family where she is very loved and will remain forever.

In her honor Gwen's family and employer have awarded a $2,500 grant to GDRNT to help save other dogs in need of loving FURever homes.

As a volunteer run, non-profit we rely 100% on private donations to save great danes from area shelters. We are humbled that Gwen's family and employer would honor us in her memory.

Great Dane Rescue of North Texas sends condolences and gratitude to Gwen's Parents, Hank and Cyndy Goodman and her friends at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services for their generosity amid their sadness.

How you can help this Legislative Session.

Every two years the Texas Legislature meets for 140 days. Can you be the voice for animals this session?

Currently the 87th Session of the Texas Legislature is in session. What does that have to do with animals and non profit rescue? Well this session .. quite a bit.

What is NOMV?

This message is a bit different than what you typically read from GDRNT. I am a long-time supporter, past adopter, and was once a very active volunteer before life took me out of state for a bit. I am also a veterinarian.

If you have friends in the veterinary field no doubt you have seen at least one social media post this week with the letters NOMV and perhaps a message about veterinarians having the highest suicide rate of any profession. NOMV stands for Not One More Vet, an organization that started following the suicide of Dr. Sophia Yin, a well-respected veterinarian, in 2014. The reason the status update went viral in the veterinary community last week is that multiple colleagues committed suicide. Sharing the post is meant to bring awareness to the problem and to encourage those suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts to seek help. The standard message is often personalized with a plea for owners to be patient and be kind.

I would like to take that plea one step further. In the words of Bill and Ted “Be excellent to each other.”
The truth is this problem goes beyond the veterinary profession. Social media allows us instant access to businesses, friends, and acquaintances. It also provides a powerful platform to voice our discontent, and it reaches an audience who can latch onto and amplify the discontent. Please consider how your words can truly damage a business or an individual, especially if the complaint is a viral post from somebody you never met. It is so easy to share memes or posts without verifying content, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. There are always multiple sides to each disagreement.

Ultimately, this is a plea for civility. There are many things to disagree about in our current environment. Please approach your disagreements calmly and rationally, and if you disagree with an individual’s or business’ policies then please simply seek someone better aligned with your philosophies. Vehemently disagreeing with employees or sharing your frustration on social media may make you feel better, but it is highly unlikely to influence the business to your point of view. Keep in mind we all face challenges that we hide from the world. You have no idea how your words may pile on to somebody else’s existing burden.
Have patience. Be kind. Consider how your actions affect others.
Be excellent to each other.

If you are in need of help, please know you are not alone. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is open 24 hours a day. 1-800-273-8255. You can also check out the resources at

When Rescue is hard, but the Danes are Sweet Valentines...

Valentines seems to be the perfect time to introduce this hunk of love Moose who is going to need a special love to be his FURever home.

Moose has it all.... a great personality, a playful spirit, a sweet temperament and a loving heart... and the good looks to make your heat swoon.... so what is he missing..... TOES.... yeah not kidding toes....

I cannot make this stuff up....

New Year Celebration Safety for your Pups

I get it. We are all ready for 2020 to be over, for COVID to be over so we can get on for what passes as normal around here..... many people ring in the new year with fireworks which can be terrifying for your pup! The loud noise, the BOOM, the whistle, the crackle... all unexpected and may make your dog feel threatened and afraid. It is easy to see why your pup is terrified.

So plan ahead to help keep your pup safe and relaxed on New Years Eve with a few simple tips. If your dog has a lot of anxiety and these simple measures do not help be sure to talk to your veterinarian about safe pharmaceutical options.

  • Current ID. Just to be safe make sure your pet has current secure identification. Is your Microchip information on file current? Does your dog have on tags with your phone and address?
  • A Safe Place. Make sure your dog has access to a place they feel safe. This is a great reason to crate train. over your crate with a blanket and make it cozy.
  • Keep them occupied. Stuff a kong with their favorite filling and freeze it, or an all natural bully stick, lick matt or feeder puzzle
  • Drown it out. There are hours of Pet Calming music on streaming services like Pandora or Youtube. One of my favorite YouTube music is below
  • SECURITY! make sure all exits are secured including the fence around your yard. A frighted dog may find an escape route they otherwise would ignore
  • Consider a T-Wrap or Thunder shirt to help reduce anxiety, We have a simple DIY below


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