New Year Celebration Safety for your Pups

I get it. We are all ready for 2020 to be over, for COVID to be over so we can get on for what passes as normal around here..... many people ring in the new year with fireworks which can be terrifying for your pup! The loud noise, the BOOM, the whistle, the crackle... all unexpected and may make your dog feel threatened and afraid. It is easy to see why your pup is terrified.

So plan ahead to help keep your pup safe and relaxed on New Years Eve with a few simple tips. If your dog has a lot of anxiety and these simple measures do not help be sure to talk to your veterinarian about safe pharmaceutical options.

  • Current ID. Just to be safe make sure your pet has current secure identification. Is your Microchip information on file current? Does your dog have on tags with your phone and address?
  • A Safe Place. Make sure your dog has access to a place they feel safe. This is a great reason to crate train. over your crate with a blanket and make it cozy.
  • Keep them occupied. Stuff a kong with their favorite filling and freeze it, or an all natural bully stick, lick matt or feeder puzzle
  • Drown it out. There are hours of Pet Calming music on streaming services like Pandora or Youtube. One of my favorite YouTube music is below
  • SECURITY! make sure all exits are secured including the fence around your yard. A frighted dog may find an escape route they otherwise would ignore
  • Consider a T-Wrap or Thunder shirt to help reduce anxiety, We have a simple DIY below