Another NTXGiving Day for Kahl! aka When Rescue doesn't go as Planned

This is Kahls second NTXGiving Day with us ... while his rescue story did not go to plan.. once a GDRNT dog, always a GDRNT dog.. even when you visit the ER vet:)

Kahl first came to rescue in 2017 and was adopted out but by no fault of his own landed back in rescue in 2019 due to some changes in the family. Kahl had also developed Addisons and other complications associated with uncontrolled Addisons. His family did the best they could but Kahl needed more... Kahl is our longest resident foster pup and while his foster mom loves him he needs a home of his own

It took some ER visits, regular visits and lots of medication trials to figure out the best way to control Kahl;s Addisons but once we were able to get it in control his tail found its wag.

Addisons is a disorder in which the adrenal glands don't produce enough hormones. Specifically, the adrenal glands produce insufficient amounts of the hormone cortisol and sometimes aldosterone, too. When the body is under stress (e.g. fighting an infection), this deficiency of cortisol can result in a life threatening Addisonian crisis. Kahl's Addisons is controlled with daily mediation and regular monitoring by our veterinarian. The medication has lent itself to his "husky" build and causes some hair loss but he is still a happy pup with so much love to give.

Kahl needs a home with no small kids, cats or dogs as he has zero idea regarding his size. A home that will monitor his health and continue his medication to ensure his Addisons stays in control .

GDRNT is committed to the care of all the Danes in our program for as long as it takes... or as much as it takes.

Your NTXGiving Day donation ensures that GDRNT has the money to assure dogs like Kahl can get first notch medical care while with GDRNT so they can find their FURever homes.