The New Normal.. at Least for Now.

I wanted to update everyone on how we are operating under COVID Normal. There are some things we are doing and wanted to bring you all up to date.

Many of you may have noticed most of our larger metroplex shelters have diverted or completely closed intake during COVID. There are some smaller shelters who do not have that luxury and are still operating at 110% while trying to keep their smaller staffs healthy and safe.

The board has been working with these shelters and intaking those animals in a way to limit human exposure and contact. All of our clinics are operating at curbside and been super accommodating to help danes and keep humans safe. We will continue to do that, and as more shelters start to open up intakes I expect so will our intake ...

Adoption and Foster Applications are being processed with recommended precautions in place. We will be needing Foster homes willing to take a dog from a shelter, allow for decompression time, and with limited evaluation. We will always share with you what we know about the dogs coming in. GDRNT provides all medical care, crate, and foster food. Email us if you have any questions at [email protected].

Another way that we have been assisting danes in need is with Chance's Fund.
A special fund in memory of Chance, a Great Dane whom we rescued from a Dallas shelter. Unfortunately, we were unable to save him due to severe medical neglect. The purpose of this fund is to give aid to owners of Great Danes when faced with an unexpected but temporary change in their life.

After a successful #NTXGivingTuesday we have been able to dedicate some funding to Chances Fund and we will continue as long as we can responsible fund it. We have had different organizations recently contact us with situations we did help with so these danes could stay in their existing homes. We are in the process of formalizing the application and criteria but as shelter or other rescue partners contact we are hoping to be able to continue to assist. While we cannot afford to help every request but we will do what we can. If your family needs assistance with dog food or one time veterinary care to keep your dane in your home email us at [email protected]

Last but not least.... THANK YOU to all who donated via #NTXGivingTuesday. Combined with PayPal our total for that day was over $4,000! The board is earmarking this money to assist dane owners in need. You guys are amazing!

Thanks to those who are still reading! Stay safe, Stay healthy!