Yes, Heartworms are a Real Threat

Had a conversation with a theoretical "animal rescue lover". professional, advanced degree, old enough to know better so and so. Who explained to me that the risk of heartworms is imaginary...... and a made up risk by veterinary pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians and rescues..... seriously.

These pictures came from a 5 year old dog with heartworms. It only takes ONE MOSQUITO bite for your dog to be infected with heart worms. Heartworm disease is a slow painful death for your dog or cat. It is not treatable in cats and treatment for dogs is painful, long and expensive. Over 95% of the dogs that come to our rescue are positive for Heartworms, in consults with our veterinarians we treat each dog to clear them of heartworms before adoption. What makes this crazy is that it is largely PREVENTABLE with modern veterinary medicine!

There are a variety of perscription medications that can protect your pet from heartworms. Talk to your veterinarian about the most cost effective ways to protect your fur kid.

But you do not have to take my word for it.. google it... or check out more info at American Heartworm Association.