Lilly is Why I Give...

My Life Before Rescue
Lily, The $10,000 Great Dane

Woof Woof Hellooo, my name is Lily, I am going to tell you the story of how #NTGiving Day helped save my life and helped me get ready for a FURever family! I am about 18 months old, so still a beautiful baby! Much has happened in my short life and it was not always so happy but #NTXGiving Donations saved my life and help get me ready for adoption.

My foster mom calls me the $10,000 dog, I think that means I have super powers like the 6 million dollar man!!! I wasn't living a happy life, you see I was living outside in inhumane conditions, my kennel flooded with all the rain. Bred to have babies, but too sick for them to survive because I was very sick and had a really bad case of mastitis. Boy did I feel sick… I was so scared and not sure what would happen to me.

That was until one rainy day when things started to change for me, a nice person with a badge showed up and took me away to a nice shelter. The shelter put me on medication, I felt so very sick! My mastitis was so bad and it had gone untreated for so long, that it ruptured!!! That's when the nice people at the shelter reached out to Great Dane Rescue of North Texas to see if they could take me in and THEY DID!!!!

So this very nice lady came to get me and she named me Lily!!!! They took me straight to the ER, where I had a big surgery. While at the hospital tests showed that I also had pyometra, so back to surgery I went!!! Finally after 4 long days I got to go to my foster home, with a bunch of medicine, where I could rest and eat and get some much needed TLC!!

Veterinarians kept checking me and I heard my foster mom say that I just can't catch a break, because they said I had parasites and heartworms …… plus the mastitis was not responding to antibiotics!!! So YEP, I had to have another surgery.

So that is $$$ surgeries if you are keeping count, actually close to $10,000!

I am telling you this story so you know how important North Texas Giving Day is, none of this would be possible without your donations!!! GDRNT was able to take me knowing they had the money in their Medical Emergency Fund, #NTXGiving donations replenish that account so more danes like me can get life saving surgery and care! Without this fund GDRNT might have to turn away danes because they do not have the money to pay for treatment!

THANK YOU and BIG SLOPPY DANE KISSES from me and all who have been given a second chance at life because of your donations to #NTXGiging Day.

With Love,