Happy & Safe Thanksgiving

Great Dane Rescue of North Texas has a lot to be thankful for this year. Even in loosing Trent we have found great support from our friends, donors, fosters and volunteers. While we are grateful for all of you we want to use this as a reminder of some basic pet safety and planning for an emergency with your pet.

Stop. Stop right now and look up the closest 24 hour and after hour veterinary clinic to your home. Not even kidding. In the panic you will be lucky to find your car keys. So find it and pre program the phone and address in your phone.... or just write it someplace you can find it fast.

Once you are there.. do you have a way to pay for emergency services? Most ER/After hour clinics require payment up front. Have an emergency savings or credit card to cover emergency expenses.

Better yet.. Help prevent trips to the ER by minimizing the most common ricks!