When FURever Means Goodbye

Exactly one week Trent stayed with GDRNT before he went running healthy at the bridge.

He came to us from a small local shelter with a sweet spirit and all the signs of neglect. It wasn't just his long nails, callused elbows, filthy coat but he was also medically neglected with high heart worm positive, horrid teeth and the onset of an upper respiratory infection. GDRNT started Trent immediately on medication and he went to a foster home to recover. Four days later he bloated and thanks to his attentive foster was at the ER as soon as he was symptomatic. After a text book surgery, his initial recovery went well, but his body was not healthy enough and he deteriorated over several days. In consultation with his veterinarians, it was clear he would not recover..........

One week and $5,800 later our FURever Story meant sending him to the bridge with love. I am not open to a discussion on why we spent that money and tried to save him .....not today. We made the best decisions for him at every step to save him, to give him a chance.. Until he could fight no more, then we made the decision to let him go.

Two of our board members were with him, loved on him and sent him to the bridge with kisses and love.

I wish this got easier...

We were able to try to save Trent because I knew GDRNT had the money in our Emergency Fund to try. It is our Emergency Fund that allows me to make these 4am decisions and know we can cover the bill. We are a village and while this may have not been there FURever we wanted, we can know Trent knew love.

So now we will replenish our Emergency Fund so that we can help the next foster. If you would like to donate please hit the Donate Button at the top of our Home page or via our Facebook Fundraiser. GDRNT remains an all volunteer 501c so your tax educable donations go directly to the care of our danes.

Sent with a kiss