Emptying the Ocean with a Teaspoon

Honestly that is what rescue feels like... no matter how hard we work it is never enough.... Rescue is probably one of the very few "businesses" that work hard every day to eliminate their existence. I dream of a day when there are no animals in need, empty shelters, and every dog has a loving home.

While our focus and mission is saving danes from area shelters a few years ago we challenged our volunteers and fosters to do more with other animal welfare organizations. Volunteers with shelters, animal outreach organizations and other responsible rescue groups. Several of our volunteers have joined with Animal Investigation & Response (AIR) assisting law enforcement, animal control agencies and communities with animal abuse related issues such as puppy mills and animal hoarding as well as, assists in disaster relief in Texas.

Working with local authorities a large scale puppy mill was shut down and 300 dogs and ponies were saved from deplorable conditions. Please check out Animal Investigation & Response on Facebook and LOOK AT THE PICTURES if you do nothing else.

Places like this exist because there is a DEMAND in the market for their PRODUCT. If you are buying your pets you are generating the demand and supporting this. Do not tell me your dog did not come from a puppy mill, that your puppy was "hand fed/home raised", that your breeder is "responsible". For profit breeders do not breed for the betterment of the breed, they breed for money not for the welfare of animals.

We thank the volunteers with AIR, Houston Humane Society and Grimes County Sheriff’s Office for making sure these animals are safe.