Nala is on the Mend.. and so is our Emergency Fund!

Let me start out by saying Nala is expected to make a full recovery. But now it is time for our Emergency Fund to Recover.. to the tune of $5,100

When my phone rings late at night... it is never a good thing. So when I saw it was Nala's foster mom I feared the worst... Nala was bloating and thankfully her foster family recognized it and called. We were able to get her to the Emergency clinic where she underwent surgery , after the great care and a few days at the hospital Nala went home and is recovering well! Below we list some of the signs to recognize bloat.

Nala's emergency bill was over $5,100. GDRNT is fortunate to maintain an emergency fund for such emergencies.. but now our Emergency fund needs to recover! No Donation is too small so please considering donating here or on our Facebook Page. This fund allows us to waste no time in seeking emergency care since it must be paid up front.

Can you help us with a donation of $20 bucks? Any amount helps.

Even when humans take all the known precautions to minimize the risk of bloat, sometimes it can still happen. Without surgery most dogs will die... even with surgery survival is not guaranteed. Danes are not the only breed who bloat and dog owners need to be educated on what it looks like to save their dog. Early medical intervention can be the difference between life and death. I know this video is hard to watch but it is vital that you recognize the signs of bloat and get your pet medical care fast.