Thank You, Safety and Resolutions for the New Year

A Happy New Year to all our Friends and Supporters. We could not have saved as many Danes without loving foster homes, dedicated volunteers, and generous donors. Each year I pray that in the coming year, Rescues are no longer needed as no animal is left homeless to die in a shelter simply because no home could be found. Given the trend in our email box it is not likely that 2018 will be that year.

Thank You.
To those of you who have donated to GDRNT or animal welfare over the last year we Thank You! $1 or $1,000 it is all so very appreciated and makes a huge difference. GDRNT is a 501c3, all volunteer organization your tax deductible donations go directly to the veterinary and care expenses of the Danes in our program. If you still have year end charitable funds to allocate please consider GDRNT. You may donate by clicking on the visa/MasterCard logo on the top right of the home page to go to PayPal.

Keep Your Pet Safe.
While you are enjoying the New Year festivities do not for get the safely of your pet. Stuff happens so be aware of obvious hazards such as a frequently opened door, alcohol, fireworks and other non dog friendly treats. Our friends at ASPCA put together some reminders in their article Celebrating Safely.

It is also a good idea to know the location of the closest after hours Emergency Veterinarian just in case.

New Year Resolution
Texas is freaking FREEEEZZZIIINNNNG. and every Animal Control Officer dreads the bazillion calls about animals being left out side without shelter. However sadly laws in Texas are inadequate to protect and Animal Control and Law Enforcemet are often limited in what they can do by inadequate laws. Don't believe me? RISPCA said it way better than I can in their statement about 409 Tollgate Rd This is not unique to Rhode Island and is very much an issue in Texas.

This year I challenge each of you to become educated on the legislation in your area, and work to strengthen laws to protect animals fro abuse and neglect.

This year I challenge each of you to help with an outreach program to help educate underserved populations on proper pet car and responsible ownership.

This year I challenge you to visit your local shelter and volunteer to walk dogs, change litter boxes, do laundry, foster, clean kennels... whatever is needed.

This year I challenge you to reach out and do more and be a positive change in Animal Welfare.