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Awaiting Santa Paws

A lot has changed since this group was started in 2001 but one constant has been the dedication of our fosters, volunteers and supporters. We ask Santa Paws to help us send blessing to all those who work so hard all year round to pread the word of responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter and adoption.

We want to wish everyone out there a Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year.

Having a Dane in your life is a special experience with things unique to .. Well 100 plus pounds of furry love. I found this version of Dane's Night Before Christmas and had to share! The only credit I can give is to "crankyfrankie" who posted it on another forum. I think it explains it pretty acurately!

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring; even the Dane on the couch
The stockings were hung so frickin' high in the air
... In hopes our Dane couldn't get them up there
The neighbors were nestled feeling safe in their beds
While visions of big Danes zoomed in their heads
With gizzards and chicken and bones going SNAP
The Dane hoovered dinner and prepared for a nap.
When out from the crate there arose such a clatter
The Dane had to go out and empty his bladder
Up from the floor he flew like a flash
He tore out the door and peed on the grass
He stood there so tall with a big head and lips
He blocked out the moon like a total eclipse
When what to my wondering eye should appear
But a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny Danedeer
With a little old driver so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick
I yelled to the Dane "quick come in Rover"
He ran up the stairs and knocked me right over!
And then in a twinkling I heard on the roof,
the prancing and pawing of each little hoof
I got off the floor and held tight to my head
I looked to the chimney with a feeling of dread
He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot
I had concern for Santa so I put him at sit
St. Nick turned around and said "HOLY SH*T"
The bundle of toys he dropped at his feet,
He said "OMG, what does he eat?"
"That must be a horse or some form of cattle,
let me look in my bag and find you a saddle!"
I explained to Santa he was a Great Dane
A very big dog with a really small brain.
Santa got on his knees and broke a big rule
Before I could stop him, he was covered in drool
"He wouldn't bite, not even a robber"
Santa said okay, but was covered in slobber
Santa laid on the floor all covered in jowl's
I ran to the kitchen to grab him some towels.
Santa said "It's Okay, I am no cleaner,
What a cute Dane, but BOY what a leaner!"
We helped Santa up, with his bag made of silk
while the Dane ate the cookies and knocked over the milk!
He jumped back up, as if preparing to flee
He pulled out the presents to chuck at the tree
He backed up the chimney in a bright flash of red
I ran to my room, Rover beat me to bed!
We heard him mumble as he flew out of site,
"That guys' really nice but his Dane's just not right!"

Tis the Season of Doggy PANCREATITIS!; How you can Prevent It.

Every year ... Every stinking year.. Veterinary clinics see an avalanche of cases of pancreatitis that could have been prevented. This is a very painful, sometimes deadly and always super expensive to treat. Please take the time to read what Preventive Vet has posted An Open Letter fro Your Dog's Pancreas

Hi, I'm your dog’s pancreas
You may not know exactly what I am or what I do, but trust me when I tell you that I play a vital role in maintaining your dog’s health and comfort.

Who knows, maybe you’ve already seen what happens when I'm not “on my game”: diabetes, pancreatic insufficiency, pancreatitis? As you can see, much like The Hulk… it’s best not to make me angry.

I'm reaching out today specifically because of all these bouts with pancreatitis… you know, the condition where I become inflamed and you and your dog pay the price. I'm tired of being the bad guy, but I’m also tired of having to work so hard because of all the extra “treats” you keep giving your dog. Now I'm not talking about the occasional dog biscuit or the carrots and green beans you give him. Those are fine. What really bothers me, what really hurts me, what really inflames me are all of the “extra special” treats — the bacon and sausage, the prime rib leftovers and steak bones, the scraps from your holiday feasts.

And that bacon grease you keep adding to your dog’s food in hopes of giving him a shinier coat. Really?!?! Who ever gave you that idea? what website or chat room did you read that one on?? Please stop, you’re killing me! Literally.

Look, I don't want to hurt your dog. But you’re leaving me with little choice. I don't like making your dog vomit and have diarrhea. I don't like making him lethargic and putting him off his food. I don't even like causing you the grief, inconvenience, and the financial strain of the costs associated with an inflamed pancreas. How spiteful do you think I am?

Pancreatis is no fun for anyone!
Trust me, pancreatitis isn’t fun for me either. Not even close! When I'm inflamed, I start digesting myself. Have you ever literally eaten yourself? Does that sound like fun to you? I don’t recommend it!

So let's call a truce. Let’s make a deal. You get your dog to an ideal body condition and stop “spoiling” him with the things that make me angry and I'll keep being Bruce Banner, continuing to focus on my important work of helping your dog regulate his blood sugar and breakdown and absorb dietary proteins, carbohydrates, and the all-important fats. I don’t want to be The Hulk.

You see, at the end of the day, you and I have the same goal… to keep your dog happy, healthy, and pain-free. So let’s start working together. Let’s stop making each other angry. What do you say, do we have a deal?

Your Dog's (currently) Angry Pancreas

For those of you who are more visual the AKC had this informative video.

We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. ~Edward R. Murrow

GDRNT is blessed to have several veterans and active military in our ranks as fosters, volunteers and adopters. For their service to our Country and community we are eternally grateful. Please take some time today to remember those who have and continue to serve all of us in our Military. If you have served or are currently serving our Country we thank you and your families.

Veterans Day by Roger W Hancock
We honor you, who fought for us,
for country’s sake of freedom’s plight.
You kept the greatest country great,
by sacrifice of you who served.

We're Having' a PAWty, an Online SCENTSY PAWty!

Any time between now and Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 11:15pm
Location: Click HERE to go straight to our on line Scentsy PAWty!

ON Line Scentsy Pawty Benefiting GDRNT! Our friend Christine and rock star Scentsy rep is hosting a PAWty to benefit GDRNT! How cool is that!
This is a fundraiser for Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. We are focusing on the Holiday Bricks. For $24 (plus shipping and tax) you get a one pound brick of hand poured wax in your favorite holiday scent. I will be donating ALL my commission from each brick, which is $6.00. Please feel free to check out all our awesome products and get some holiday shopping done as well as support an incredible group. I will donate ALL my commission from this party to the rescue.

Did you know Scentsy has laundry product, lotions, soaps, body wash and oh so much more!

This is a great chance to load up on your Scentsy, get some holiday shopping done and support a great cause!

Click HERE to go straight to our on line Scentsy PAWty!

Meet & Greet at Three Dog Bakery Alliance This Saturday

Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 11:00am
9530 Feather Grass Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76177
Three Dog Bakery, Alliance
Join us at Three Dog Bakery in Alliance from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, November 4th to meet some of our fosters, personal Danes, and volunteers, and learn more about our rescue. While you're there, pick up some tasty treats for your pups!
Please note that we do not do on the spot adoptions at Meet & Greet events.

Keeping Your Pet Safe from Halloween Scares!

Halloween is a big deal in my neighborhood and is a great family fun event for all of us. It is always fun to see people with their pets dressed up and going door to door with the kids. We all know what to do to keep our children safe during the Halloween festivities but what about your pet? Click the links at the end of the story for more tips to keep your pet safe. The AVMA has listed 7 things to Make Halloween Safer for your pet.

Meet n Greet, Three Dog Bakery, Plano

Join us at Three Dog Bakery in Plano from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, October 21st to meet some of our fosters, personal Danes, and volunteers, and learn more about our rescue. While you're there, pick up some tasty treats for your pups!

Three Dog Bakery is a great place to get some nutritious food and treats for your fur baby. They also have a great selection of toys, collars and other cool stuff.

Trinity, Euliss, Pet Fair, Saturday, Sept 30th

The Trinity GAP Pet Fair is Saturday, Sept 30th, from 10:00 to 2:00 at Trinity High School, 500 N. Industrial Blvd. in Euless!! (The Garage Sale starts at 8:00 so come early for all the good stuff and then stay for the Fair! ) The pet fair is hosted by the Trinity High School GAP Club, (Girls Awareness Program) which is an all girls’ community service organization that sponsors the Euless Animal Shelter. Last year approximately 300 dogs and cats found homes with the help of Trinity GAP. The fair is lots of fun for everyone of all ages and is pet friendly if your pet is leashed and friendly too!

Bring your pets for low cost vaccinations thru Texas Coalition for Animal Protection aka TCAP (from 9 until 1), $20 micro-chipping thru Great Dane Rescue of North Texas, Inc., beautiful Pet Photography by James Stevens Photography for only $10, dog bathing, nail clipping , raffles, vendors, food, pet adoptions and more!! All proceeds funnel into the Trinity GAP Club vet fund to help Euless Animal Shelter pets. The fair will go on rain or shine!

Oh and please bring a pet food donation for Don't Forget to Feed Me Food Pantry!! Don’t Forget To Feed Me keeps owners and their pets together by providing pet food to those in need in the North Texas area!

Many Euless Shelter/GAP Rescue Pets will be at the Fair and up for adoption!! Check out all pets here: See you Saturday--Rain or Shine!!!

Thank You #NTXGiving Day

It's a wrap! Big Dane kisses and Thanks to those who participated! With our matching donation you all donated over $11,000 for GDRNT. Thank you! Your contributions of $7,080 via our site on and add in our Anonymous matching donation of $4,000 and in a single day we raised over $11,080 for GDRNT.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We are 100% volunteer run and 100% privately funded by those who want to help Great Danes in our area shelters. As of today that number is 1,708 that have come through our program.

NTXGIving Day Accepting Donations till Midnight

A Huge thank you to those who donated already but we still have time for a final push to $10,000 Will you help us make more Happy Forever After Dane stories? Click to Donate on Great Dane Rescue of North Texas #NTXGiving Day Link


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Rising Above Great Dane Funding

Our previous adopters are eligible to apply for financial support if their Great Dane needs vet care that cannot be afforded due to economic hardship and extenuating circumstances; even if the adopters are outside of Rising Above’s coverage area.Rising Above Great Dane Funding | Facebook