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Community Beer Company, Dallas, Tour and Danes, Saturday

Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 2:00pm to 5:00
Location:1530 Inspiration Dr., Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 75207
A huge thank you to Community Beer for inviting us out. Come join us for Community Beer Company's weekly Brewery Tour on Saturday, May 6 from 2pm to 5pm. We will be selling GDRNT memorabilia, and we will have some (pre-approved) personal Danes there for you to love on.

Trinity HS, GAP, Euless WALKATHON! $20 Microchip, and MORE

Our primary mission is to save, rehabilitate and FURever home great danes from the DFW Shelter systems. While our volunteers will always work hard to fulfill this we also want to show some love for a great group of high school ladies doing amazing things for the Euless Shelter.

A Call to Serve, A Way of Life

Since 2001, Great Dane Rescue of North Texas has been 100 per cent operated by dedicated volunteers, private donations and generous supporters. Without their dedication we simply could not exist and make such a positive impact. It is no surprise that some of those same people serve all of us with their service to our military. In our midst we have active, inactive and retired military who demonstrate their dedication to serve.

With A Broken Heart, A Rescuers Final Reward

Over the years GDRNT has been blessed with some amazing rescuers who have put blood, sweat, tears, time and love into our mission. We are a small but mighty group and the hard part of rescue has forged some great friendships.

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I must share the passing of our sweet friend Doris Huneycutt.

Kicking off to Divas, Dudes and Danes ... WOW

GDRNT's Divas, Dudes and Danes is SATURDAY .... If you didn't reserve tickets you can still come and pay at the door... a huge thank you to Cypress Waters for the bigger space this year.

Divas, Dudes and Danes is going to be a blast. We have a DJ, Uncle Julio's, Signature cocktails and amazing silent auction items.. and thanks to Whole Earth Provision Coeach guest will get a 10 dollar Gift Certificate to use in any of their stores... Just for showing up.

Click to get more info or to reserve your tickets Divas, Dudes and Danes

Silent Auction items are still showing up but here is a preview of some of the items we will have.

2017 Annual Member Meeting .. Member App Due by Feb 10 for Feb 11th Meeting

The 2017 annual members meeting for all paid members will be held on Saturday. February 11, 2017 at 2:00 pm in Dallas Texas. Even if you can not attend the meeting this is a great way to support all of the good work that rescue does! Every bit of your annual dues goes to help the sick, injured and neglected dogs that we are able to save from death row.

From Shelter to FURever Diva Dane

Sweet Phoebe had a hard life and found herself in the care of a shelter who reached out to GDRNT to see if we could help. Phoebe came to her foster home in sad shape. She was skinny, heartworm positive, and scared. Her life had taught her that humans were not to be trusted and cruel. Phoebe had never lived inside and her new surroundings were frightening, yet she held out hope, and somehow found the stregth to try to trust her foster family.

A Dude and a Diva Dane; A Fairy Tail Ending

There are certain numbers in the caller ID, at certain times of the day that make me cringe, and probably cuss... ....

Late last spring, a local shelter was able to save from the streets an older female dane, found wandering, with a softball size growth and several smaller growths ...obviously needed rescue ASAP...

Buster Kane, Has Busted Out of Fotser to FURever

Love this guy. Buster found himself injured and in a small rural shelter who knew they needed help to fix him up. We were able to work with this small shelter to make sure he got the care he needed immediately until he could be transported to GDRNT. This shelter was awesome and went above and beyond to make sure he got the veterinary care he needed, and rescue to not only make him well but to help him find an awesome FURever home.

Buster had an injured leg, heartworms, funky infected skin and needed some groceries when he was saved but what a sweet dude. His foster mom worked hard to not only make him feel better but also adjust to being an inside family dog. Like so many of our foster dogs they are fast learners.. in part because of awesome foster homes but also because.. well .. life inside with a loving home

Buster is now living the dream with a family who loves him to pieces...even if he prefers the couch to the fancy dog bed.

FURever homes take a village.. but without qualified foster homes to care for our danes we simply could not do this. If you have even thought about fostering now is a great time to ask questions, and apply. To apply to foster please complete the Adoption appreciation and mark the box FOSTER, Foster applicants do not need to pay the application fee.

Gifts of Holiday Past, Present and Future

Whether you are Celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas or just enjoying the season, we wish all of you a blessed, safe and happy Holiday Season.

GDRNT has so many blessings in this crazy, often challenging, rescue business. We are an all volunteer group and it truly takes a small army to continue to operate at the level of care we insist on maintaining for our fosters. I will not lie, I never intended for rescue to be a full time gig, and many days I contemplate an exit plan for what remains of my sanity..... but it is the blessings of Christmas past, present and future that keep me going....

Christmas Past
While sharing the holidays with family out of town, one phone call shattered an otherwise relaxing Christmas Eve. A call from one of our foster homes about a scary situation for a young foster pup. He was having seizures, bad seizures.. Long story short .. Leon needed a miracle, I was not sure we could save him, in spite of the top notch care at the ER clinic. That was five years ago and look at him now. Leon was adopted by his foster mom and five years later is a healthy happy spoiled perfect dane.

Christmas Present
Seniors have a special place in my heart, as they tend to be overlooked by adopters. So I was beginning to think we would never find a FUREver for a senior with special medical needs. Imagine my excitement when a call from a past adopter looking to give a special needs senior a FURever home before the Holidays. Could this be FUREver for Lenny? As I explained his needs, his age and overall health I held my breath... At the adoption meeting I was cautiously optimistic and when Lenny curled up on the sofa with his FURever dad I knew JACKPOT another Christmas Blessing. While Lenny was not the only dane to find FURever love this season it is certainly a blessing.

Christmas Future
Hope. So much of what we do in rescue is based on that one word, hope we can find a foster home, hope they are heartworm negative, hope the leg can be saved, hope the training kicks in, hope she isn't prego, hope the cough is just a cough and hope we have the funds.

Hope that all our dogs waiting on FURever homes get as lucky as Leon and Lenny.

We give thanks and celebrate all of this at Diva, Dudes and Danes on February 18th. So be sure to save the date as we celebrate our blessings of the Past, Present and Future.


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