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Want a Tax Deduction?

Give us your new or used crates! All sizes needed and appreciated! Sizes most needed are the 36 & 45 inch HIGH metal crates. Contact us at 817-651-2336 or 214-332-9535 or feel free to drop by one of our many mobile adoptions. Thanks!!!

Dane of the Month -- Do you know who owned this dog????

My name is CHANCE and I am February's Dane of the month. I was a wonderful 2 year old merlequin dane who was found at an animal control in Dallas.

Great Dane Rescue 1st Annual Adopter Fundraiser!

Goliath Thanks to all who participated in the tupperware fundraiser for Goliath! We raised enough money to pay off his existing medical bills. We are also pleased to announce that he found his forever home - with his foster family! They just couldn't let him go!

Difficult Dog Guide

G.D.R.N.T. screens all pets rescued from pounds and shelters
for health, adoptability and behavior. We will do all that is possible to put a
suitable foster in your home. However, everyone will experience what we will
call a


Below are links to various Dane Rescue Events.

  • 7/4/02 - 4th of July Irving Parade
  • 6/8/02 - Circle Theatre in Ft. Worth's Sundance Square

    We were involved using our Therapy dogs in their Circle Playback after the play discussing issues brought up in the play Sylvia
  • 4/20/02 - KSCS Country Jam

Rescue Wish List

There are many items that are greatly needed for us to continue with our rescue efforts. If you
would like to donate, please leave us a voicemail message
indicating your donation at 817-651-2336 and we will have
the appropriate person return your call or bring it to us so we can thank you in person to our next mobile adoption.


=We will mail receipts for
those gifts valued over $250. Receipts for others
available upon request.

Sponsor Thank You's

Great Dane Rescue of North Texas would like to thank the follow companies, veterinarians, and people for their donations.

Great Dane Breed Information

width="423" height="269" alt="Buster with Meghan" border="0">

Buster (9 month old merle dane) and Meghan (5 month old yorkie)

Being a Great Dane owner is not a decision to be taken
lightly. A Great Dane is known as the Gentle Giant. The key word
here is GIANT. A Great Dane is not the right dog
for every home.

General Information
The Great Dane was
created in Germany to hunt wild boars. Over the past 100 years
breeders have made the Dane's temperament what it is today -

Feeding Guides for Great Danes

Great Dane Feeding and Nutritional Guides
Linda Arndt, a noted Author,
Nutritional Consultant, and owner of Blackwatch Great Danes
Kennels has graciously agreed to allow us to share her feeding
guide along with other nutritional articles she has published.
Please feel free to print out any information for future use and
share it with a friend.

Click here for guide

About Stomach Torsion
This article is to bring awareness to first time Great Dane owners


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