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It's Not An April Fool's Joke! DaneFest 2006 is around the corner!

April 1, 2006 at Dogs Unleashed Daycare

Located at 2740 Keller-Hicks Road, Keller, TX 76248

817-431-4400 in case you get lost on the way!

To attend, just print this registration form and follow the directions.
DaneFest 2006 Information, Registration & Waiver Forms.
Questions or trouble downloading???

Wine Tasting to Benefit the Danes

You are invited to a WINE TASTING benefiting Great Dane Rescue of North Texas.

When: 5:30 pm, May 13, 2006
(Don't be late. Class starts on time!)

Where: Tony

Meet the Seniors!

We're starting off our Adopt-A-Senior-Dane month with a chance to mingle with our, well, more-experienced-at-life Danes. (We were going to have an afternoon "Tea with the Seniors" but we figured the humans wouldn't have much of a chance at petit fours, cookies, or finger sandwiches. Yes, the seniors are more polite than the youngsters, but they know a good finger sandwich when they see one!)

Adopt A Senior Dane Month

February is Adopt-A-Senior-Dane Month and we're starting early!

Okay, so we made that up, we don't really know if February is Adopt-A-Senior-Dane month or not, but we at GDRNT would like to make it so! We currently have EIGHT Senior Danes seeking families of their own and there are some fabulous reasons to adopt a senior dane. Just ask them:

What'd you do with your Saturday?

rescued dogFor 8 of GDRNT's most experienced foster parents and transporters, Saturday January 7th was no ordinary day. They were headed to help with "a bad situation" southeast of Dallas. After 10 years of absence, a young man headed to his recently paralyzed mother's home to tend to her affairs. What he found shocked him and he contacted us for help. Nine Great Danes in need of our assistance. NINE. Ugghh.

Holiday Bandanas on Sale Now!

turkeycandy cane Holiday Bandanas Are Here!
One of our faithful volunteers has spent hours sewing up beautiful bandanas just to donate to GDRNT and help our poor homeless pups! She has created three different styles in three different sizes that you can purchase with only a $3 donation plus $.50 S&H.

Contact [email protected] to reserve yours now!

Molly was hit by a car and needs hip surgery!

MollyMolly, a young girl weighing in at a VERY SKINNY 67 pounds, was picked up today from animal control by our rescue. She had been found under a trailer. She has a dislocated hip due most likely to being hit by a car. We need to raise $800 to do the surgery. Can you help?

Dane of the Week - Marvelous Moe!

MoeMoe is the sweetest, gentlest Dane we have had the fortune to meet. His graying muzzle makes him look older that he actually must be, as he still enjoys being able to romp and wants to play, except that in our household with a bunch of old fogies, he doesn't get much of a chance. He is extremely gentle around our three small dogs. And is even more tolerant of our miniature Schnauzer puppy who will nip and play with anything that moves.

Want a pool? We gotta pool! Proceeds help the danes!

One day left to bid on a 21 foot x 4 foot above ground pool on Ebay!

Gas Funds No Longer Needed

Need Gas $ Our Mississippi trip is canceled due to a kind soul donating the use of a plane. All $ sent to us will be refunded. Thanks for all your quick contributions!


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