A Dude and a Diva Dane; A Fairy Tail Ending

There are certain numbers in the caller ID, at certain times of the day that make me cringe, and probably cuss... ....

Late last spring, a local shelter was able to save from the streets an older female dane, found wandering, with a softball size growth and several smaller growths ...obviously needed rescue ASAP...

A hot mess. Sweet Maggie Mae is so sweet we had to give her a chance. Even if we could not save her, at least she was going to know some love first. It took some time, awesome veterinary care, several surgeries, heartworm treatment, a loving foster family, and groceries to make her well enough to be adoptable. But it was still going to take a special soul to adopt Maggie knowing her medical history.

A Dude, with a soft spot for adopting special needs danes, was ready to add another to his home again. When first contacted, it was almost too good to be true. , A past adopter, foster and volunteer with a long history of loving the hardest cases, of going above and beyond to be sure they have happy, healthy long lives.

Before I got to excited I wanted to be as up front as I could about her, what we know, what we don't know, what was done and why. He didn't flinch.... so we moved forward with an introduction and it was love at first site.

A Diva Dane is born. From hot mess to spoiled Diva Dane Doesn't get any better than that.

Fostering saves lives, but so does FUNDraising... to be a part of Happy Ever After Stories come for a fun evening of Diva, Dudes and Danes.
Enjoy a humans only event of fun, food, awesome silent auction items and see friends new and old... who will also be wearing some dog hair and drool stains.