Buster Kane, Has Busted Out of Fotser to FURever

Love this guy. Buster found himself injured and in a small rural shelter who knew they needed help to fix him up. We were able to work with this small shelter to make sure he got the care he needed immediately until he could be transported to GDRNT. This shelter was awesome and went above and beyond to make sure he got the veterinary care he needed, and rescue to not only make him well but to help him find an awesome FURever home.

Buster had an injured leg, heartworms, funky infected skin and needed some groceries when he was saved but what a sweet dude. His foster mom worked hard to not only make him feel better but also adjust to being an inside family dog. Like so many of our foster dogs they are fast learners.. in part because of awesome foster homes but also because.. well .. life inside with a loving home

Buster is now living the dream with a family who loves him to pieces...even if he prefers the couch to the fancy dog bed.

FURever homes take a village.. but without qualified foster homes to care for our danes we simply could not do this. If you have even thought about fostering now is a great time to ask questions, and apply. To apply to foster please complete the Adoption appreciation and mark the box FOSTER, Foster applicants do not need to pay the application fee.