When Rescue is Hard... When Hard Decisions are the Right Decisions

LOOK, just LOOK at these sweet faces. Do you see the love? The smile on their face?

For probably the first time in their lives each of these GDRNT sweet foster pups finally knew what it meant to have a full bowl, a soft bed, kind hands and a loving home. Each came to us from a shelter who knew we could do more for these pups than they could... knew we were their best shot. Like all our foster dogs they received exemplary veterinary care, necessary medication/procedures, quality nutrition, and benefits of a loving foster home. They discovered the wonders of air conditioning, cool evening strolls, full bellies, ear scratches, tummy rubs, kissy voices and peaceful slumber.

They came to us with the burden of a life of cruelty, neglect and hard living. In foster care they found love....

But it wasn't enough. It just flipping wasn't enough. While we could restore their spirit, we could not restore their health.

Over the last several months Rain, Harvey and Lulu came to us heavy with the burden of their painful past, and in spite of our best efforts the hard decision, the right decision, was made by our board, for Rain, Harvey and Lulu to be released from their suffering and allow them to cross the rainbow bridge.

These are not decisions our board takes lightly. We consult with our amazing veterinary team, take input from our foster family and ultimately make the best decision for a dog who has lost their quality of life, with no chance of making them well... no matter how much we want too. This is when rescue is hard... when hard decisions are the right decisions and that decision falls to us.

Each one of these takes a piece of my soul....

Why do I tell you this now?
I have always wanted this page to be positive to focus on all the good in rescue, to try to educate people about our group and dane ownership. GDRNT is an all volunteer, foster home based rescue. Since 2001 we have worked with area shelters to pull those who need us most. Not the ones with the most pledges/donations, with the saddest family FB story, found by well intended or that can be "adopted fast"... while I do not fault those groups who do. Our focus is those danes in area shelters most at risk of not making it out, for whatever reasons. We only commit to a dog knowing we have the foster space and funding in place to help.

Right now we have 8 danes in foster care waiting medical clearance for adoptions. Some of these sweet faces are undergoing heartworm treatment, extensive wound care, or multiple surgeries prior to heartwrorm treatment....

We do great things and I want that to be the focus.

Soooo why do I tell you this now?
Average it out and GDRNT will spend 750 on each dog that comes to our program. Our fixed adoption fee for adult dogs is 235, 150 for seniors.... so the problem is obvious....

On Thursday, September 22nd,from 6am to midnight Great Dane Rescue of North Texas Inc, will be participating in North Texas Giving Day

This one day online fundraiser provides a percentage of matching funds for every 25 or greater donation made via their website. Making your donation go FURther.

You do not need to be in North Texas to donate..just have an internet connection and giving heart... the Heart of a Dane.