A Loss for Polite Words... UPDATE!

Update: Sarah and Whitney are both at home in medical foster homes to continue their recovery! They are eating and while they are not 100% yet they are well on their way! They will need some expensive medications for the short term but we expect them to completely recover with time and love. If you would like to donate to their care, no amount is too small.

I have started to write this several times.... Few situations leave me at a loss for words... This one has left me at a loss for polite words, but here it goes.

A little over a week ago we received a plea from a rural Animal Control Officer for an emergency intake of an extremely urgently sick little family. The officer called from the field it was that bad....and she knew we were their only chance.

A volunteer woke up early to make the 4 hour round trip drive to bring in a very weary, older emaciated momma and her 4 young puppies with their distended bellies. Each was significantly underweight and loaded with numerous intestinal worms, covered in ticks and filthy.

After a short stay at one of our veterinarian offices, in foster care they initially seemed to be recovering. Until Thursday when a tiny puppy named Cassie could no longer fight and unexpectedly died in her foster home. The three remaining puppies and momma were all immediately seen and the two remaining female puppies, Sarah and Whitney, were diagnosed with coccidia and parvo. The tiny girls were immediately started on supportive care. Momma, Emily, and the male puppy, Kellyn, currently are negative, doing well, and being very closely monitored by their foster mom.

By Friday both Whitney and Sarah were admitted to two different veterinary ER clinics and are receiving treatment while these feisty girls continue to fight. At this time both are considered stable, fighting to make it but not out of the woods yet. Emily and Kellyn so far have continued to improve and safely gain weight.

This didn't have to happen..To the people who "owned" this momma.. parvo, coccidia and the factors that killed Cassie, made her sisters so dangerously ill are mostly preventable with the most basic of care. Vaccinations, deworming and heck just FEEDING your pregnant dog would have made the difference in the lives of this family. How about not breeding your senior dane? How about not leaving them outside to slowly die from intestinal parasite... or did you think they would just starve to death? Exactly how did you think this would end?

Even with our discounts I expect our total veterinary bill for this sweet family to exceed 5,000.00 dollars. We have taken in 11 danes since February 4th and I imagine this months veterinary bills will top 10,000 before we are done.

Want to help? Could you donate to help cover the ER bills for Whitney and Sarah? All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the danes. No amount is too small, and all goes directly to the care of our dogs.

I thank everyone who played a part in saving this little family and the six others that came to us this month. If you intend to attend the Annual Meeting remember your applications are due this week.