Homemade Dog Toys

Toys can be an important part of your pets enrichment and training. Working your dogs brain is just as important as working their body.. and can be just as tiring. With the heat of summer upon us why not try some DIY games and toys with your dog. Barkpost has put together a list of 33 toys that are easy and inexpensive to make. Now some of these I would not recomend for your bigger dog.. and not all toys are suitable for all dogs..and ALL dogs should be supervised to assure safety. Check out the entire list with directions at 33 DIY Dog Toys

If you are looking for a great service project make a bunch of these and donate them to your local animal shelter. Some of these are so easy for kids and would be a great way to ,keep kids busy and give back.

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

Our previous adopters are eligible to apply for financial support if their Great Dane needs vet care that cannot be afforded due to economic hardship and extenuating circumstances; even if the adopters are outside of Rising Above’s coverage area.Rising Above Great Dane Funding | Facebook