The Long Road FURever Home...

No doubt the next 2 days your inbox & social media will be flooded with stories from many deserving non profits asking for your donation during North Texas Day of Giving September 18th. Without your generous support we could not exists... and pups like Nala would not stand a chance......

Late June 2013, We were contacted by a local shelter with a very sick girl who needed immediate rescue. They had a beautiful girl with a very large, nasty mammary infection and GDRNT immediately took her in.

Nala's infection was so big she could not be spayed for risk of spreading the infection, she was skinny, and suffering from a bad skin reaction to something... This infection was so nasty it would take two surgeries and months of medication just to get her well enough to be spayed. Her skin was very slow to clear up and required several rounds of testing and medications to get her relief.

With time, medication and love Nala nurtured her sweet soul and shone as a loving, sweet velcro dane!

FIFTEEN MONTHS after coming to GDRNT Nala found an amazing FURever home with a past adopter. She now has a loving FURever family and two sweet girls who love her to bits!

FIFTEEN MONTHS... THREE SURGERIES... medication and care.... How do we do it? Because of YOUR DONATIONS that allow us to pay for expensive care that some of these pups need. So please consider donating to Great Dane Rescue of North Texas on September 18th for more FURever homes!

So please consider donating on September 18th, between 6:00am to 12:00pm at North Texas Giving Day For Great Dane Rescue Donations $25 and above will be amplified by $2 million in bonus funds and prizes.