A Second Chance (& a bit of a rant)

We have been crazy busy and I have fallen behind in updating so today was a day I tried to catch up.... still working on it.. While grumpily (that is now a word) working thru the backlog of medical records, pictures, emails and the never ending paperwork, I was reminded why.

Our danes do not come with a voice to tell of their past lives, no date stamp, no records.... we piece their story over time with our veterinarians, foster homes and evaluaters. Some of our danes history evolves over time, some we never know.... and some come covered with their frightful pasts. Neglectful abuse is something I will never understand... to sit back and watch a creature suffer.. to not reach out... to do nothing.. and watch a creature slowly die.

Another rescue put out a plea for a dane in horrid condition at a local shelter... and as usual our intake volunteers sprang into action.. There is no doubt that I have seen dogs in worse condition, sicker, seriously wounded.. but this is the kind of wrong I will never understand.

Griffin is a silly teenager and he should be settled in with a family.. instead he was emaciated, under 80 pounds, covered in sores, infection and of course heart worm positive. WHY? I will not share the most graphic of the pictures but want these seen. These pictures were taken after he was cleaned and had veterinary care.

This is not an isolated case.. every day rescues, shelters and good Samaritans find cases just like Griffin. He is one of the lucky ones... in a loving foster home, with great veterinary care and he will make it... but looking at his pictures I wonder how many didn't make it today.....

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