I am Here.

Felipe Carrasco Guzmán's video about two college students from Chile that surely did not have the resources to rescue or spay/neuter one dog, let alone all the dogs in this video. While they couldn't fix the problem and rescue these dogs, they found a way to use the one tool that everyone has to raise awareness - Their voice. There is no doubt that street dogs exist here in Dallas, however many of these dog end up in area shelters. GDRNT, like many rescues, work hard every day to save these dogs, give them their "no puppy" pledge, parasite testing and prepare them for loving FURever homes. While we may be ahead of other parts of the word in how we deal with stray animals this video is genius in raising awareness.. DISCLAMER.. ok while I love a sweet pup no matter what.. please please please always use extreme caution when approaching a loose animal.. and if you are unsure do not approach.. but call your local animal control. Animal Control Officers are specifically trained to safely approach a loose animal.