Magic: A Porcupine, Some Luck and A Foster Home..... TAH DAH!

A Porcupine
I honestly have never given much thought to porcupines, but Raider's story has given insight to these formidable spiky creatures. We got several calls for help after an emaciated, young dane approached some kind souls and collapsed in a heap before their eyes. Apparently he was so hungry he tried to eat the porcupine... quills and all... unfortunately the porcupine had different ideas and was willing to loose a whole bunch of quills.. into Raiders mouth, face, eyes, nose, neck and chest.... someplace out there is a nearly bald pissed off porcupine! Animal Control knew his only chance was Rescue..... and Raider got lucky!

Some Luck
Raiders luck was good! Animal Control hit GDRNT up when we had an available medical foster home and the funds to pay for his expensive medical care. On average our inboxes get hit up with 10-15 intake requests per week! Our fabutastic intake team has to prioritze and to date we have not had to turn away a Shelter Death Row dog away... but that may change. There is a scary trend... the dogs we are getting are increasingly sicker, need expensive surgery, and lots of medications.... In short dogs are staying longer and costing more.

A Foster Home
Raiders was lucky Once in the loving care of his foster home he flourished! It was not always an easy road and he needed several rounds of medication, and additional procedures to remove more quills but finally he was READY!!! He would need a patient home to help keep him on track with his training and be prepared in case any quills still remain.. but we were hopeful!

Tah Dah!
We had a family already approved to adopt who was just waiting for the right match.. could Raider be it? YES!!!! This dane experienced home opened their hearts and home to Raider who jumped right in as if it was meant to be! Raider now has an awesome FURever family... just like he planned.

The Magic?
Raider's Foster home is already preparing for another foster! Wouldn't you like to be part of a story like this??? If you have ever considered fostering NOW IS THE TIME! If you are preparing for year end Tax deductible donations consider GDRNT!

To apply to foster complete the Adoption Application but you do not need to pay the application fee! Just check the box that indicates foster applications!

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