The long Road Home.....

Tyson is in his FURever home but he didn't get there the usual way. One week ago I had my adoption packets pulled together and sent my reminder emails to the approved adopter and foster homes. It was late when a quick check of emails required a change of plans. Two or three times a year we get an email from someone who swears they have "found" their lost dog on our website. Usually a few inquiries prove that it is not their dog.

Our dogs come from kill shelters after their stray hold is up and they are at risk of being euthanized. These inquires present two questions for us to resolve... First is it even the same dog, second if it is the same dog is this family at least as wonderful as any of our adoptive homes. These dogs were pulled from shelters good owners do not let their dogs sit in shelters unclaimed. Yet there was something about this email... it specifically mentioned a detail about Tyson we had not made public, that could not be determined by his profile or pictures. It was the kind of thing that required a veterinary diagnosis and treatment... the kind of care only a loving family would seek out. Yet I was not convinced.... but I did call off the adoption to investigate.

I asked this family for all sorts of information: veterinary records, pictures, references and shelters they looked for their dog. In less than 12 hours all that info and then some was in my email... hmmmm . The type of records indicating this dog did get good veterinary care way beyond the yearly check ups and vaccinations. Pictures of a family, inside dog with a loving family. As I spent more and more time on the phone with these folks, got more info not only was I convinced this was their dog but it was a great home! After discussing it with our board and their review of the file we all agreed! Tyson's FURever home had been looking for him and deserved him back.

This week with the blessing of the board and Tyson's foster home we had a very, very Happy Ever After Re-Union as Tyson's family adopted him back and pledged to repay all of his rescue expenses by a monthly pledge! Not only was Tyson so excited to see his family but the skin kids may never let him out of their sight again!

Tyson isn't talking but I strongly suspect he had "help" along his journey. The shelter he ended up in was far from home and some time after his initial disappearance. If he had a microchip his family would have been notified when he first went to the shelter. His family did not give up and kept looking but had their email been later and Tyson been adopted this reunion may not have been. This was a happy ever after story but too often lost loved pets from good homes never find their way back.

But tonight Tyson is home where he belongs. Yippeee