Heat is not Cool for Your Pet.

It isn't just in the DFW area the thermometer is hitting close to the triple digits, parts of the west are seeing tempretures in the 120's! This sort of heat is dangerous for humans and pets. Heatstroke is a major concern for our pets but they can also sustain burns on their pads, sunburn and dehydration. No doubt that danes and other breeds are at a greater risk but all animals are at risk.There are some simple precautions you can take to help you pet stay cool and safe this summer.

1. NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET IN THE CAR! Don't believe me, just watch Dr. Ernie Ward describe what it is like to be locked in a car.

2. HOT FOOT! As a rule of thumb if the ground is too hot for you to hold your hand on for 15-30 seconds it is too hot for your pets paws. Remember that paws are a primary temperature regulating tool for dogs, and their bellies aren't too far behind.

3. SUNBURN! This is not just an issue for hairless breeds. Any dog can get sunburn but obviously breeds with shorter coats or white dogs are at greater risk. Even dogs with dark or thick coats can be damaged by the sun.. their coats will become sun bleached and in time their skin sunburn. As in humans sunburn is not only painful i can contribute to skin cancer. Learn more about you specifc dog and sunburn from your veterinarian but for a basic understanding see this article from Environmental Graffiti.

4. WATCH FOR HEAT STOKE! Signs such as excessive panting, weakness, lethargy or vomiting could indicate that your pet is becoming overheated. If any of those signs is noted, or if your dog’s rectal temperature is above 104.0 degrees (normal for dogs is 100-102.5), get your dog out of the heat immediately and seek veterinary care. Heat can KILL you dog in minutes according to Healthy Pets Website

5. FIREWORKS are not fun for your pet. Did you know that one of the busiest days of the year for animal shelters is July 5th Fireworks are a hazard and can be frightening to your pet so make sure up to date contact info is on your pet!

6. NASTY WATER Stagnant water not only breed mosquito it also can breed nasty bacteria. So do not let your pet drink from still standing water, and if you keep water outside change it often to prevent parasites from growing in it like Giardia

7. HEARTWORM PREVENTION Everything is bigger in Texas including mosquitoes that can carry deadly heartworms! Over 97% of dogs in rescue are positive for Heartworms and have to undergo expensive, painful and lengthy treatment. Talk to your veterinarian to be sure your dog and cat are covered and visit American Heartworm Society for more info.

What are your best tips to keep your pet safe in the summer heat!

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