Is that Dane Deaf? Blind?

Blind and deaf Great Danes and other Gentle Giants are precious creatures that rise above their limitations often better than humans. Their quality of life can be wonderful if given a chance. Unfortunately, there are many people who are quick to put them to death because in their ignorance they don't believe these dogs can live a productive life. Those people are wrong. GDRNT currently has several dogs with varying degree of hearing and/or sight impairments. It is amazing to see how they learn and make fabutastic FURever pets! Many of you have met our beloved Gigi who attends many of our events and does home visits, she is nothing shy of a love bug! Anybody remember Truman? That big lug of love is living in a home with other deaf dogs, or puppy Pearl who was blind and deaf and currently living the good life! No doubt there are challenges to life with a blind and/or deaf dog but with some love, dedication and training it will pay off in so much LOVE!

What causes a dog to lose its hearing and/or sight? A lot of the same things that cause hearing loss in humans. Genetic defects can cause a dog to be born deaf; this is known as congenital deafness. A dog can also lose its hearing due to an ear infection, injury to the ear, or may experience gradual (or sudden) hearing loss due to old age.

In any rescue There is a direct connection between a Dane's deafness/blindness and their color. The same genes that affect their color also affect their hearing and their vision. Causes for Deaf Dogs In Ethical Breeding programs, be it Great Danes, Labs Dobies, Poodles or....responsible breeders are guided by AKC Standard. You should only breed for the betterment of the breed. If someone is not researching the genetics of their danes, basic genetic and breeding certain combinations know to produce impaired danes they are simply producing puppies. Simple puppy producers are labeled Back Yard Breeders and a few other not so nice terms. Back Yard Breeders produce puppies to sell and supplement their income with little or no regard to what happens to the puppies after they are bought and sold.

Lately GDRNT and several other rescues are seeing a huge number of hearing and sight impaired dogs so if you are considering adding one to your family check out these websites!

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