Texas Emergencies, How $20 May Save Your Pet

Recently North Texas has had more of their fair share of tragedy. On April 17th so many lives were permanently changed with the massive explosion in West Texas, this week, 16 tornadoes devastated the homes of even more North Texans. Our inbox, facebook and phones have blown up with stories of lost and found pets. 1,000 of volunteers, rescue groups, animal control officers and others have worked tirelessly around the clock to help secure thousands of wayward animals. Temporary Emergency Shelters have been added to the many shelters, veterinary offices and boarding centers that have offered to house lost pets.

We never know what will separate us from our FURkids, it could be something as simple as a blown down fence, open gate or tragedy. We do know that a pet microchip will hugely increase the chance of reuniting with your pet quickly. It will also help prevent your dog from being "claimed" by a stranger.

Tomorrow, May 18th, GDRNT will be offering $20 microchipping (that includes registration) for your pet at Trinity/Euless High School Pet Fair . Sponsored by the awesome girls at Trinity/Euliss High School GAP . This great group of high school ladies do some outstanding things and even if your pet is microchipped they will have low cost vaccinations, nail trims, baths and fun things for your pet!\

If you live in the affected area and have found or lost a pet please check out these FaceBook Sites.
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Our thoughts are with all those who have lost so much and pray for lots of happy reunions.