$20 MicroChipping at Pet Fair, Trinity/Euless High School

This Saturday, May 18th, from 10:00 to 2:00, GDRNT will be providing $20 microchiping at the Pet Fair at Trinity/Euless High School. The Pet Fair is held twice a year by the FABUTASTIC ladies of the G.A.P. Club at Trinity HS. They do amazing things in cooperation with the Eulless Animal Shelter and saving the lives of shelter pets. Microchipping your pet increases the chance of recovery should they ever get lost. It wont fall of like a collar or tag. But how does it work? GERNT uses the same microchip system used by your veterinarian or local animal shelter. About the size of a grain of rice it is implanted under the skin, between the shoulder blades. It is "injected" by a needle like an injection. Each chip has a unique ID number that can be read by a scanner at any veterinary office or shelter with the scanner.

GDRNT will register your microchip number with the information you provide on your registration form. This information must be updated if you move, change phone numbers or emails. Each animal microchipped will be given a tag for your dogs collar, with the chip number and a phone number that can lead back to your information. You will also get a card on how to contact GDRNT should you need to update your information.

Don't believe me? Just watch and see how microchips reunited all these pets.