Seniors for Seniors Program Gets Help from And Toto 2 Petsitters

MiMiIn October of 2002, GDRNT had it's first Seniors for Seniors adoption! We
placed a 5 year old Dane, Glory, with Mary, a lovely woman confined to a
wheelchair. Her doctor recommended she get a dog to keep her company.

Glory was calm, gentle, and sweet and we thought she would
be great for Mary. It was love at first site. Mary renamed Glory to MiMi, we
fashioned a harness for MiMi to wear so Mary could handle her easier, and
assigned her Sara, a Seniors for Seniors volunteer, to check in and help.
Mary wanted MiMi to get walked a few times a week, something Sara couldn't help
with due to her work schedule, so Sara tracked down a dog walker with a heart,
who offered to walk MiMi for Mary at a greatly reduced fee.

Ann Partain, and her partner, Renee Gagnon,
opened "AndToTo2" pet sitting, pet walking, and pet gift baskets because of
their love of animals. They serve the Dallas metroplex and have three dogs
and cats of their own! Ann not only walks MiMi three times a week for Mary,
but she makes sure Mary doesn't need help with anything else (like opening a
jar or changing the thermostat). Mary is very independent and lives by
herself, but appreciates an extra hand now and then. Ann goes above and beyond
and truly cares about her special clients! GDRNT would like to
thank "AndToTo2" pet sitters for their compassion and service. You may find
out more about them by visiting AndToTO2 or you may reach them at
214-263-5104 or by e-mailing They also have a picture of
MiMi on their website under "More Friends" check out how happy and spoiled
she is! If you know a senior citizen or someone special that might need an
extra hand when it comes to pets (or if you want to be a volunteer with this
program), please contact GDRNT. We offer a reduced adoption fee to
qualifying applicants and match them with an older Dane and a special volunteer.