Shania needs your help!

Shania is a black 4 year old female dane who is under our protective custody. She was confiscated from her owner along with 7 other dogs (including Twain, a harlequin male dane who was greatly suffering and was too ill to save). A case is being built against the owner and we are hoping the city will prosecute. She is at least 30 pounds under weight, covered in ticks, has sarcoptic mange, hookworms and stage 3 heartworms. She also has a heart murmur that may be caused by severe heartworm infestation or genetic heart disease. We need $250 to get the needed ultrasound testing done on her heart and another $235 for heartworm treatment if the murmur is caused by heartworms and not heart disease. She will require special medications and has already had expensive x-rays.

If you can help, please mail your check to GDRNT, PO BOX 40425, Fort Worth, TX 76140-0425. Please put "Shania Heart" in the memo portion of your check. Or you can donate using PayPal.

We (and the Danes who are sick) appreciate the support we receive from the general public! Thanks in advance!