Emergency Status

We are full to the brim and are currently running in emergency status. We have 5 danes in emergency boarding and we expect at least 2 more by Saturday. Each dane costs us $52.50 to board for one week. That's $262.50 per WEEK to board 5 danes.

How can you help?

1. We need funds for emergency boarding. $52.50 per dane per week.

2. We need qualified foster homes. The more foster homes we have, the more danes we can save. If you are a past adopter and have been thinking of fostering...now is the time to act.

3. We are looking for serious adopters for permanent, lifelong placement of our rescued danes. If you have been considering adopting a dane, please do some breed research to see if they would be appropriate for your family/lifestyle. If it looks like a match, then please apply. Not sure? We would be very happy to talk with you to see if a dane would be a good match for your family. If a dane is not the right breed, we'd be happy to point you towards appropriate breeds and other rescue groups.

4. Do not support puppymills and/or backyard breeders! Do not buy a puppy from the paper or from a petstore. If no one supported the puppymills and backyard breeders, we would not have a dane overpopulation problem in Texas.

5. Spay/neuter your pets! Talk to your friends, relatives & neighbors to make sure everyone spay/neuters their pets.

We appreciate your support!