Dane of the Month -- Do you know who owned this dog????

My name is CHANCE and I am February's Dane of the month. I was a wonderful 2 year old merlequin dane who was found at an animal control in Dallas. I had a HORRIBLE AND TERRIBLE life as you can plainly see. I had sarcoptic mange and my hair was falling out. I had heartworms. I was so emaciated (you could see every single bone in my body and my eyes were sunken into my skull) that I was only 66 pounds and could barely stand. I had to be lifted in and out of the rescue vehicle. I should have weighed about 140 pounds. I had deep pressure wounds on my hips and pelvis that went all the way to the bone. I was super sweet - accepting hugs and kisses and trying to wag my tail! I bet you are wondering why I am saying "was". Sadly I also had distemper and was showing irreversible neurological signs of the disease and could not be saved. I am now in doggie heaven. My death could have been prevented with a $5 vaccination. If you would like to contribute money in my memory to be used towards other danes found in my condition, please send check to H.A.R.T. - Great Dane & Giant Dog Rescue, PO BOX 40425, Fort Worth, Texas 76140-0425.

Please indicate "Great Dane Rescue - Chance" in the memo portion of your check. Or you can make a donation using PayPal. Thank you for your donation and your prayers!