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HOWLeen Safety for the FUR-kids!

Imagine how scarey it is to have strange people in strange outfits coming to your door in crowds? While wearing an outfit that was itchy, ill fitting and made you feel anxious?

Another NTXGiving Day for Kahl! aka When Rescue doesn't go as Planned

This is Kahls second NTXGiving Day with us ... while his rescue story did not go to plan.. once a GDRNT dog, always a GDRNT dog.. even when you visit the ER vet:)

Kahl first came to rescue in 2017 and was adopted out but by no fault of his own landed back in rescue in 2019 due to some changes in the family. Kahl had also developed Addisons and other complications associated with uncontrolled Addisons. His family did the best they could but Kahl needed more... Kahl is our longest resident foster pup and while his foster mom loves him he needs a home of his own

It took some ER visits, regular visits and lots of medication trials to figure out the best way to control Kahl;s Addisons but once we were able to get it in control his tail found its wag.

PetMeds Cares

1-800-PetMeds® supports pet rescue and adoption through PetMeds Cares. This program’s primary focus is organizing donations of over-the-counter medications and products to U.S animal shelters and rescues. Rescue groups can apply to be considered for donations once each year. Great Dane Rescue is excited to be considered for this awesome program. To learn more visit PetMeds Cares