How Hot is it Inside a Parked Car?

If you dog is like mine they LOVE a ride in the car. During the hot summer days it is tempting to take your FURkid while running errands and "just running in" for an item or two. In this video Veterinarian Dr Ernie Ward stays in a parked car on a summer day to see exactly how hot it gets. He wants to illustrate what a dog is going through when locked in the parked car. Within 30 minutes with all four windows opened 1" the car reaches 117 degrees! Dr Ward also tells you how it feels in the car and exactly how oppressive it is with in just the first five minutes! At just 10 minutes in it is 106 degrees and that is without FUR! If you ever thought it was "OK" to leave your pet in the car just watch this and know what stress you are putting your pet under. In most jursidictions it is illegal to leave your pet in the car and should you encounter a parked car with a pet in it please call 911.


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