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Whose the Man? Duke

Duke was returned to rescue due to a change at his adoptive home. Once a GDRNT Dog, always a GDRNT dog. If an adopter finds themselves unable to keep their dane, our contract says they come back. It doesn't happen often.

Duke is one of those dogs that has not met a heartbeat he didn't like. Everyone was a friend, especially kids. We always take adoption meetings slow, and set them up for success. But when Duke met this family, specifically the son... well that was it.. Duke picked his FURever family and they fell in love with him at first sight.

Lacey has Found her Cagney

Ok so the reference may be showing my age...

Walter the FURever Dog

I hate it when I get behind in FURever stories.. they are my favorite part of rescue.. so forgive me while we get caught up....

Furever Home.

Suzie came to rescue just looking for a place to spend her FURever years. Prior to rescue she had a loving home who suffered a lose and we agreed to find Suzie an awesome FURever home.

Everyone knows I love adoption meetings and this one left me with a huge smile. Suzie's furever family fell in love with her at first sight and was already to make her feel FURever home.

Lady of the FURever House

The long and winding Road to Happy Ever After

When a dog comes to us their first stop is to our of our veterinarians for a medical evaluation and treatment. Prior to adoption all our dogs are altered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for any/all necessary medical conditions. Since 97 per cent of all dogs that come in are heartworm positive we treat for that, otherwise they go on prevention. Many of the dogs come to us with other medical concerns that can take time, money and love to resolve.

Home is Where the Heart is.. FurEver Home

Heart came to us as a mature lady with so much love to give. I don't think she fully understood why she was at the shelter after all these years but once she hit her foster home... She knew.

Onyx has found her GEM!

Sweet Onyx came to rescue heartworm positive and had to undergo treatment. Heartworm treatment is not only expensive but can be very hard on the dog. Heartworm treatment frequently makes them feel yucky and requires weeks sometimes months of crate rest. It is no fun for anyone. (Please consult with your veterinarian to assure your pet is protected..) Onyx was also very happy to take her "No Puppy Pledge" while with us.

Hailey Haven

Some danes just don't know to "act their age"! I will tell people that in these days even beer comes date stamped, but dogs still don't. When dogs come in their age is estimated by our veterinarians and that is the age we use. Hailey's foster family said that she had the heart and energy of a younger dog, too many people just wouldn't meet her because of her age. Yet our policy is to stick with the veterinary estimate, generally people don't mind if the dog is younger... but older dogs do have a hard time being adopted.

Even with her easy going attitude, playfullness and sweet spirit she was overlooked by adopters.. until now! I think it is safe to say that it was worth the wait for Hailey to score this awesome furever home! This couple saw only a lovely, FURever family member and knew instantly that Hailey was their furever dane.

Day one and she already had a trove of new toys, bed and love! Congrats to Hailey and her family!

Astro has found his FURever "Jetsons" Family

Those of us of a certain age will remember the cartoon series the Jetsons. Part of the family was a big, lovable and sweet great dane.. so the name fit our Astro perfectly. He has hardly met a heartbeat he did not like, loves his people (specifically the younger ones) and is a true playful spirit. When a past adopter came to us looking to fill the big void left after the passing of their dane we knew he would be a great fit.


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