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Leo's the King of His Castle

Leo is a sweet dude who took some time to open up to and trust his foster home. Some dogs do well as only dogs, some do well at home alone all day, and others just love to be surrounded by playmates and people. Leo fell into the latter category. He loves his people, loves other dogs, and even does well with kitties. Happily, he gets plenty of time with all three – people, dogs, and kitties – in his furever home. Congratulations to Leo and his furever family!

Iris is Counting Her Blessings!

Iris is a sweet, senior lady who came to rescue in search of a better life. Her first six years were rough, and it was no surprise that she was heartworm positive at intake. With a little love and some veterinary care, Iris underwent heartworm treatment and began her journey back to health. Now, she is heartworm negative and has a fabulous home with another dog to keep her company in her golden years.

Her new family recently sent in this heart-warming update:

Puppy Bliss in a FURever Home

I really should have posted this way before now..

Puppies are work. I think I have the only kids in the world who see a puppy and cringe because they are far too familiar with all the training, time and work that go into having a puppy in the house. Being a puppy foster home we know too well the reality of a puppy, the good the bad and the obnoxious.... but this is why we love them... and also why we have requirements for adopters to be approved to adopt a puppy.

Lovely Lacey Finds a Home

Great Danes eat great amounts of food, sort of. Surprising as this is for many people, a Great Dane can over-eat and become overweight. Sweet Lacey came to rescue in need of a diet. Our veterinarian ruled out physiological causes for her excess weight and determined it was simply a case of too much food. Luckily for Lacey, one of our fosters is a registered dietician and was excited to help Lacey regain her svelte figure!

Charity Motors for GDRNT

WOW we have the best supporters
Recently we got an awesome donation from Charity Motors because someone donated a vehicle to them in our name.... How cool is that.

What they do.

Sam the Man has found his FURever Pad

How this dude found him self in need of rescue I won't understand... but it happens. Sam is all personality and the kind of guy you would want your sister to date. HA HA Samuel is a sweet dude who unexpectedly found himself in rescue and he knew how to charm everyone he met. This guy has never met a heartbeat he couldn't win over.

Sugar, Sugar FURever at Home

Sweet Sugar found her self in a not so sweet spot when she ended up in an area shelter. She was filthy, covered in tick's/fleas, had never been inside and way to skinny. The poor girl didn't understand that her life was about to get so much sweeter.

The Duchess has Found her FURever Estate

Duchess is a mature lady who needed lots of loving care when she arrived at rescue. She was heartworm positive and had pressure sores in need of healing. We were worried how she would respond to treatment, but as Duchess found comfort and care in an experienced foster home, she began to blossom. Then, an awesome adopter came along looking for a sweet, mature girl like Duchess to add to her home. Now, Duchess has two fur-siblings to play with and a home to shower her in love. Congratulations!

Momma takes the No Puppy Pledge and Finds FURever

Emily was dumped with her young puppies and left to fend for all of them. Her first stroke of good luck came when she was taken to an animal shelter that called GDRNT to help them. Surprisingly, she was heartworm negative. Just when things were starting to look up for Emily, her puppies became symptomatic for parvovirus. Sadly, one of the pups did not survive, but three pulled through and have since found fantastic homes. After that hurdle, Emily’s life became significantly better. She was in a loving foster home, took her no-more-puppies pledge (spay surgery), and had a safe place to rest until her perfect furever home came along. After a few months with GDRNT, a young lady in search of a calm companion applied to adopt. Now, Emily has a home to call her very own.

Louisiana Floods: How to Help

By now, we’ve all seen the news coverage of the devastating flood in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Some of you may have friends and family affected. Others may be asking how you can help.

Mandatory Evacuation
Elevated Furniture in Anticipation of Water in the House


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