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Josh is Featured on 1 800 PetMeds Cares Blog!

GDRNT is in the Shelter Spotlight Blog for PetMeds Cares and they are featuring our own Josh!

Check out their blog Shelter Spotlight

Josh is Patiently Awaiting His Furever Home

Josh is an amazing dog, but… There’s always a but, isn’t there? GDRNT rarely takes in Dane mixes, but every now and then we make an exception. Josh was on the euthanasia list at a local shelter. They thought he was full Dane; we thought he was a mix. Now that he’s here, we’re sure he is a mix. At the end of the day, what mattered was that an amazing, young dog was about to be euthanized for space if we didn’t take him.

FURever Awesome Sauce Homes

Wow a lot going on here at GDRNT and we have fallen behind on keeping everyone filled in on the great news. Remember every dog that is adopted opens a foster spot for us to take on one more pup. Normally I like to give everyone their own FURever but I am so far behind... so lets have a FUREver Home Story PARTY.

Robert found his FURever

Robert is a fun loving dude who never met a stranger. Robert came to rescue and left his past behind him fast... he just wanted to share his joy with everyone. Roberts energy is not for everyone but he needed an active home who would not only keep up with his training but also provide a lot of attention and love.

Well our adoption team did it again and found Robert a great furever Dad to share his love of life with. These two are already peas in a pod and setting out on new adventures.


SCOUTing Out a FURever Home

Scout came to rescue because he was a repeat visitor to a local shelter and his family did not want to claim him since they could not provide a home for him any longer ... Scout would wander from home regularly and now we know why. Scout was probably looking for a new furever family, not because his old family was mean but they just could no longer provide for him... so he took it upon him self to find himself a new one. Once in foster care Scout bloomed with a little training, some structure and love. He meshed so well into his foster home that ... well he is staying.

Princess Belle has Found her FURever Castle

Sometimes a foster dog makes it known what they want in a FURever home. So it was with Belle. Now I have fostered my fair share of puppies but never have I seen a puppy with so much love for young children. Belle would gravitate to them, follow them, just want to be with them... now my boys are way past little kid stage so every chance she got she would snuggle a kid. While most puppies are a bull in a china shop Belle seemed to adjust for the little folks... not to say she couldn't forget her size but it was clear she needed some dane savy kids as part of her FURever story.

Elvis Has Left the Building

Many of our fosters come to us in rough shape: heartworm positive, in need of manners, emaciated... you name it, we’ve seen it. So, it’s always a surprise when a “perfect” foster comes to us from a local shelter. Bob’s foster home could not say enough good things about him. They’ve been long time fosters for GDRNT; so, this is high praise. Bob had perfect manners, was eager to please, loved the kiddos, and was an all-around perfect gentleman. The only thing he did not have was a furever home.

Bob, now Elvis

A Perfect Fit!

Sometimes things just come together perfectly. Cheyenne’s foster is also the volunteer who did the home visit for her furever family, and she knew immediately that she’d found the perfect home for Cheyenne. Although our volunteers try to be impartial (we all think we have the best foster ever!), sometimes you can’t deny the perfect fit. So, she made the suggestion to our adoption coordinator who agreed it was a perfect match! The only obstacle was that Cheyenne was recovering from hookworms and needed to be medically cleared before she could move to her furever home.


Furever Tails!

Xena is a young Dane who arrived at rescue heartworm positive, unsure of new situations, and in need of manners. She did well with the other pets in her foster home and flourished under the loving guidance of her foster family. She responded well to heartworm treatment and is now in a wonderful home. Xena has another Dane to play with and plenty of room to run and play. Most importantly, her family is willing to give her the time she needs to adjust and settle in.

Annie Oakley

Divas, Dudes, and Danes -HUGE Thank you.

WOW What a fun night. We cannot thank Cypress Waters for providing the most awesome space for our event. So many great businesses donated great silent auction items and together we raised tons of much needed funds for our foster dogs. Thank you to all who attended and made this such a fun and successful night.


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