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Why YOU are important to Rescue

It takes a village... literally. In the last ten years we have had over 1360 danes come through our program. This is only possible with loving foster homes, dedicated volunteers, committed veterinarians, and generous financial supporters. Divas, Dudes and Danes is a fun way for everyone to come together have a fun night out and raise always needed funds for rescue.

Monthly Heartworm Prevention: More Important then Ever

Immiticide is the only FDA-approved drug available to treat dogs with heartworms and at the moment is nearly out of stock . The only manufacturer of Immiticide has currently stopped production because it cannot get active ingredients.

The shortage of medication can delay treatment of a dog who is diagnosed with heartworms, giving the parasite additional time to do damage. At the moment nobody knows when additional medication will be available or if there will be an increase in the cost of treatment.

Heartworm treatment shortage

Humans Only

Our one event a year that is strictly "humans" is Divas, Dudes and Danes and it is October 15th! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and allows us to save danes from area kill shelters and get them ready for FURever homes! Each dane that comes to us is spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, micro chipped and treated for any outstanding medical conditions. Medical treatment may be necessary for something as simple as common parasites; or more severe medical issues such as bladder infections, respitory infection, gun shot wounds, or severe burn.

the FURever home goes to.....

TRUMAN! Yep our big goofy, energetic, challenge of a deaf dog has found his FURever home! The volunteer who picked Truman up at the shelter was told "He doesn't speak English because he doesn't listen at all." Turns out you could talk to him in any language but he still wouldn't hear you! When Truman came to us he was deaf, not potty trained, not crate trained, had zero house manners, no social skills but underneath all that we knew there was a sweet goofy boy. His foster family worked long and hard to provide the basics first.. potty, crate and house training...

Truman's happy dance in his FURever home!


I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT THIS WEEKEND BUDDY FOUND HIS FOREVER HOME! WOOO HOOOO Buddy is now living large with a family who adores him and a dane sister! This could not happen with out the support of all of you! Sooo THANK YOU TO ALL!

A local shelter called us about Buddy because they knew he was not adoptable given his condition.... they also knew his condition was VERY TREATABLE with the correct medication, time and LOVE!

Buddy's first day in Rescue
Buddy after some rescue love, care and meds!

Best and Worst Jobs in Rescue

I have one of the best jobs in rescue. I get to do Adoption Meetings!!! This is when one of our fosters has overcome all the baggage they brought to rescue and is ready for a forever home. Sometimes it is simple as a spay or neuter and some shots; other times it can mean months of medical treatment, multiple surgeries, training of the most basic skills, and tons of patience and love of a foster home. On the magical day that they find their forever home it is all worth it.

Thank you

Dogs and Summer Weather... Yes there is an App for that...

So far this summer the DFW area has had 17 days over 100 degrees! On average we have 10 so it is hot, hot, hot! A few weeks ago, I wrote about the dangers of leaving your dog in a parked car for even the shortest amount of time. Dogs can't perspire and can only dispel heat by panting and through the pads of their feet. Healthy pets can suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and sunburn if overexposed to summer swelter. Heat stroke can be fatal if not treated promptly. As we go about our summer activities, we need to remember how the summer has hazards for our fur kids.

PetWeather Screen Shot

When 97% is not an "A"

97% of the danes we take in are heart worm positive.. .. I did the math.... these days I am more surprised when a dog comes in heart worm negative. No joke. Combine this with the other common issues, mange, emaciation, cherry eye, respiratory infections and spay/neuters GDRNT spends an average of $1,000 a dog. We have some of the best vets in the area who treat our danes at substantial and sizable discounts.

This 4th of July

A great dane size "Thank You" to all those who have and continue to serve to protect the freedoms we have in this Country. An extra prayer to those families whose service means they are far apart today. ........ Did you know that dogs played a part in the revolutionary war?

Your Dog & Fireworks

I love Fireworks! What better way to celebrate? The colors, the noise, the show and the cool evening air... what is not to like? Well Mocha could tell you it is the colors, the noise, the show and the noise:) Fireworks can be a frightening experience for some dogs. Frightened dogs have different reactions: some tremble at their owners' feet, others retreat to a hiding place, (Mocha will be found in my closet) some try to run off (traveling for miles), and others display bizarre behavior. Even the best behaved dogs can be unpredictable and destructive when frightened.


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