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Two more FURever homes!

This is your donations of time and money at work! Without all of our supporters non of these FURever homes would be possible. So click on the Divas, Dudes and Danes link and get your tickets today! Dilan hit the jackpot with a repeat adopter! He is now living with another female dane and a very happy FURever family who love him already. His dane sister wasn't so sure at first but she warmed up to his irresistible charm! AND... Some of our fosters carry visible baggage of their past life... aka "Shotgun Sam" is a good example..

Isabelle's Story.. a Story of Courage

This video is graphic but I promise it has a happy ending. Isabelle is a very special dane who will need a special family. She is like so many of the danes that come to us... only her baggage was on the outside. By donating or participating in Divas, Dudes and Danes you are helping to support our efforts to help all the danes in our program.

Are you coming?

Less then a month till Divas, Dudes & Danes. Dinner and silent auction benefiting GDRNT. This is a casual night out with great food, folks and fun. Get your tickets now by visiting Great auction items are coming in everyday stay tuned for more....

So get your tickets now and come out for a good cause and fun with other Dane loving people!

$15 Micrichip Event Saturday 10:00 to 2:00

A microchip is a great way to help assure your pet will find you if it gets lost. It is about the size of a grain of rice and inserted just beneath the skin. The chip can be read by an hand held scanner at most veterinarian or shelters. Once scanned your contact info will be provided by the microchip company. GDRNT will be offering $15 micro chips at the Teinity High School Pet Fair. The Trinity High School Girls Awareness Program (GAP) Club is hosting a Pet Fair. The event will provide low cost vaccinations (10 a.m.

We Shall Never Forget (9-11 Tribute)

Let the world always remember,
That fateful day in September,
And the ones who answered duties call,
Should be remembered by us all.

Who left the comfort of their home,
To face perils as yet unknown,
An embodiment of goodness on a day,
When men's hearts had gone astray.

Sons and daughters like me and you,
Who never questioned what they had to do,
Who by example, were a source of hope,
And strength to others who could not cope.

Sept 10th Lewisville Doggy Dive-In

UPDATE: SORRY GUYS I JUST GOT WORD that GDRNT will NOT be offering Lowcost micro chipping at Doggy Dive In! The event is on but scaled back. GDRNT WILL be offering $15 Micro Chip at the Trinity Euless HS Pet Fair on the 17th!

People are not the only ones who like to take a refreshing dip in the pool. Dog-lovers are invited to bring their darling canines to Sun Valley Aquatic Center for a morning full of four-legged fun during Doggie Dive-In on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

Another FURever home.

We love our Repeat adopters! Turns out so does ROMEO! Lucky Dude is loving life with his new FURever Mom. This heart breaker won over his FURever mom at first sight and they are enjoying getting to know each other! A special THANK YOU to Romeo's foster family who loved him and found it hard to give him up! However they know his FURever home is great!

Today's FURever home !

MOLLY has found a FURtastic FURever home in a beautiful home in the country! Molly's new family has said she fits in as if she has been there forever! Molly came to rescue suffering from a nasty upper respiratory infection, underweight and zero manners. In the care of her loving Foster home she has blossomed into a wonderful young lady and joy to her FURever family.

"Why?" Kristen Zekic November 2004


We used to play together
You called me your best friend
You said you’d be there for me
Until the very end
What happened to make you leave me?
What made you say goodbye?
Why did you leave me here?
Why can’t you tell me why?

Was it because I chewed your shoes?
Or was it because I pulled on the leash?
Was it because I grew too quickly?
Or was it because I ate the quiche

Emergency Preparedness for your Furry Family Members

Lately it seems like the news is full of stories of hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and wild fires. While I realize that most of us will be fortunate enough to never experience such an event, being prepared for the unexpected is can be easy. What about the more personal emergencies like a house fire or pet health emergency? Are your prepared for that?


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