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Will you be our Valentine?

Many of us have found some of our true loves happen to have four paws, squishy lips and hog the bed. The love of a dane, or any dog, is as simple, pure and complete as you can get. Many of us will spend a few dollars on a heart shaped treat, a collar with hearts, or cupid chew toy. We will make sure our dane gets some extra kisses, hugs and maybe a belly rub on the 14th. AT GDRNT we have too many danes who are still looking for their true love on two feet. In the last month we have darn near broken the record on veterinary bills.

Volunteering as a Tax Deduction!

First the disclaimer: I am NOT a tax expert, and this is not intended as tax advise, please seek guidance from a tax professional. OK so that out of the way I found this article about Fostering as a Tax deduction?!?
Something to Wag About: Fostering a Pet is Tax Deductible!By GalTime's Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwage
When it comes to tax deductions, there's something to wag about for animal lovers, rescue groups and for people who foster (or are considering) fostering a pet: It's now tax deductible!

Last Will and Testament of a Dog

Everyone grieves in their own way. Frequently when talking with someone who has lost a pet they swear never again. Never again will they feel te grief of loosing a beloved pet. I try to remind them that also means they never again will come home to a wagging tail, feel a velvet snout on their shoulder, or enjoy a day with a joyfull furry friend. Someone recently posted on Facebook a Last Will of a Dog. I think it says it better than I ever could. The author is listed as Anonymous but I am pretty sure it is taken from Eugene O'Neil.

Austin who gave us 14 years of devotion and love

What is "shelter shock"? or the Power of HUGS

Part of this job I hate is the time I have to spend in local Animal Shelters. Safe to say all here at GDRNT spend more time in shelters in one week than most people get in several lifetimes. The biggest heartbreakers are the ones suffering from what I call "shelter shock". Usually these are a animals that most likely lived in homes and knew some love, have never known aanything but the confines of a crate or pen, or have never experienced a loving hand.

Meet Sweet Abilene

It was about two weeks ago that we got a call for help for an emaciated deaf female dane at a small shelter. Animal control had picked her up as a stray and it appears she had been on the streets for quite some time. Abilene knows the leash means she gets to go somewhere and knows her way around a house so she had to have belong to someone!!! After efforts to find her owners came up empty and her stray hold was up the shelter contact GDRNT. Once with GDRNT Abilene went straight to the veterinarian.

Abilene's first day in Rescue
Abilene after one week
silly smile

FURever and Ever...

Joey came to rescue with a nasty nasty case of Shelter crud that presented itself as a dangerous upper respiratory infection... so with lots of love and medication his dedicated foster home got him well and ready for adoption. Not all our danes would be cool with three very very active loving boys under 6 but that Joey LOVED all the attention!  He ate up the little ones attention and was unphased by the constant motion that comes with children of that age.  Joey let the two year old walk him around and patentily watched while the boys showed him how they jump on the trampoline.

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

We have a bad joke in rescue... It seems like whenever one of us go out of town something crazy happens... and it usually isn't pretty.. Christmas Eve I am loading a plane to visit family and one of our young foster pups is sick and headed to the Emergency Room. Seriously... I mean it is Christmas Eve! Once at the Emergency Room the veterinary staff was great but our sweet Leon would be spending Christmas Eve in the hospital.

Seven Danes and one long day...

Today GDRNT took into our program SEVEN Danes! So since Friday our ranks have grown by NINE.... All pulled from kill shelters. There was not a hoarding or seizure.... Just nine Danes sitting on death row of shelters desperate to reduce ranks so none have to die. To say that it takes a village is an understatement. It takes an army. Today alone there were countless hours spent coordinating transports, foster homes and veterinary space. Hours and miles spent in personal vehicles to get these danes to the vet and the shuffling of households to get ready for another foster.

too long since my last post...

WOW has it been since Jan 1! We have been so busy here at GDRNT I have neglected posting... It is not for a lack of things to write about! We did hit a HUGE milestone at GDRNT this weekend. Our long time friends Don & Lynn did a marathon (can you say 4 hours) transport bringing us dane numbers 1400 and 1401! What that means is in the last 11 years GDRNT has had 1,401 danes come into our program, 1,401 veterinary visits and foster homes.

still waiting
still waiting
adopted 2011

Big Dog Big Yard? Not Necessarily!

Do great Danes make good apartment dogs? The answer may be a surprise to anyone who has not been owned b a Dane... YES Danes can be great apartment dogs. Anyone who has a Dane will tell you they are more likely to be on the couch than running the fence. Certainly Great Danes need to walk and regular exercise but they are happiest just being with their people. The New York Times recently asked three dog experts what breeds they recommend for apartment living and each and great Danes on their list.


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