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Are you prepared?

Yesterday the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex was hit by devastating tornadoes. It is a amazing that nobody was killed, as complete neighborhoods are wiped out. Early warnings and good emergency plans no doubt played a role in the everyone surviving and so few seriously injured. One of our awesome foster families was in the path of the devastation and while their home sustained minor damage, many of their neighbors homes are gone or un-inhabitable. The Foster mom was home alone with her foster dog and personal dog when the tornado hit and her story left me chilled.

When Big Companies Support Good Causes

National advertises making a commitment to rescue animals. A few years back I met Paige Anderson (who is also devoted to rescuing). Paige is the driving force behind BEAST Agency which represents animal talent for all mediums. BEAST has cast animals for many national retailers including local National Retailer JCP. Paige's dedication to rescue animals has spread over to her client base, specifically JCP. Mocha has worked for Paige in the past and done some small "professional" jobs here and there.

Mocha in March JCP circular

Is your pet Protected?

I realize I am probably preaching to the choir when I talk about the importance of heartworm prevention here. The American heartworm Society has released this video that says it all and more.... Anyone on our Adoption Team will tell you that large sections of the pet -public is ignorant to the risks associated with Heart Worms. What is even more amazing is that heart worms are almost 98% preventable for less than you spend of coffee or soda.

Lessons from the 'Mushing Mortician'

I generally do not follow the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, but one story from this years race will touch the heart of anyone ever to love a dog. There is also a good lesson for any pet owner. Scott Janssen, know as the "Mushing Mortician" was making his way down a steep section of the Dalzell Gorge when his dog, Marshall, collapsed, presumably dead. “I was sobbing,” said Janssen, who began a kind of mouth-to-snout CPR – compressing the husky’s chest and breathing into his nose. “I really love that dog.”

Jacque... How it happened... How you can help.

Many of you have followed Jacques updates on his profile and have asked how me how his snout got so damaged. Honestly I have hesitated to share the details as they are not nice, and because I have been unable to tell the story with out being "bleeped". However the thing that makes Jacques story unique is that we know what happened to him prior to rescue and he carries his scars from that life in the open. Each of our danes has a story and when possible we must be their voice.

more FURever Homes

FUREVER HOMES! Click the blue link to see them all!
The first is one near and dear to so many of our hearts. DeeDee stole our hearts when she was running feral in rural Colin Co. A small team of volunteers worked with Animal Control and spent many hours, gas, and bug spray trying to gain her trust, feeding her, and bring her to safety. When we did finally get custody she was in very bad shape. Her time on the run has left her with multiple medical issues and a hard time trusting people. After a long stay at the Foster home we made it official and DeeDee is no longer a foster but in her FURever home. Congrats to Dee Dee and her foster/FURever family for making it official!

another FURever home to..

It is Funny because I used to fret when a dog had a couple of adoption matches and not get picked. I now understand it is just the adoption powers telling me "nope you didn't get this one right". Such was Hank's story.. always the bridesmaid but never the bride sort of thing. It isn't that his previous matches were not great homes but for some reason the potential adopter was not as in love with Hank as I thought they would be.

Will you be our Valentine?

Many of us have found some of our true loves happen to have four paws, squishy lips and hog the bed. The love of a dane, or any dog, is as simple, pure and complete as you can get. Many of us will spend a few dollars on a heart shaped treat, a collar with hearts, or cupid chew toy. We will make sure our dane gets some extra kisses, hugs and maybe a belly rub on the 14th. AT GDRNT we have too many danes who are still looking for their true love on two feet. In the last month we have darn near broken the record on veterinary bills.

Volunteering as a Tax Deduction!

First the disclaimer: I am NOT a tax expert, and this is not intended as tax advise, please seek guidance from a tax professional. OK so that out of the way I found this article about Fostering as a Tax deduction?!?
Something to Wag About: Fostering a Pet is Tax Deductible!By GalTime's Consumer Watchdog Mary Schwage
When it comes to tax deductions, there's something to wag about for animal lovers, rescue groups and for people who foster (or are considering) fostering a pet: It's now tax deductible!

Last Will and Testament of a Dog

Everyone grieves in their own way. Frequently when talking with someone who has lost a pet they swear never again. Never again will they feel te grief of loosing a beloved pet. I try to remind them that also means they never again will come home to a wagging tail, feel a velvet snout on their shoulder, or enjoy a day with a joyfull furry friend. Someone recently posted on Facebook a Last Will of a Dog. I think it says it better than I ever could. The author is listed as Anonymous but I am pretty sure it is taken from Eugene O'Neil.

Austin who gave us 14 years of devotion and love


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