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Guess what we did last weekend?

After a bit of a dry spell our adoption team worked overtime last weekend to complete adoptions for FIVE of our danes!!!!! Gotta love when we have a bunch of approved applications that match with a bunch of furkids looking for FURever homes! This took a ginormous about of coordination and work our adoption team but they did it!!!!

FURever Catch up!

Mila has found her FURever home! This girl is so sweet and just wanted a home to love her and spoil her just the right amount! An experienced dane home was looking to add to their family and MIla was a perfect fit for them and their other FURkids! Right from the start Mila knew this was her FURever home and has settled into her Happy FURever after!

Ranger has also found his FURever home! IT sounds like a broken record but the story is similar. Ranger came into rescue Heartworm Positive and feeling not so great.. but the love of a foster home and the right veterinary care and he turned out to be one awesome dude! This guy was a character and loved to hang out with his people and "supervise"... but when that yard was done you better be ready to play! Ranger has found a great home with his FURever Family!!

Congrats Ranger!

and last but not least! Some times a furever home just sort of finds us.... While attending a party at the foster home, a friend hit it off instantaneously with Boudreaux! As soon as she got home she applied and went through the entire approval process and was approved to adopt! AND her Boy was still available! The adoption meeting was more like a reunion .. I think our big dude picked his FURever mom and knew it was just meant to be!

None of this could happen without our amazing foster homes and volunteers! So a huge THANK YOU to all

The Long Road Home!

Another forever home is found! When Griffin first came to rescue his body was in some of the worst shape we have seen in rescue. He was covered in open sores, skin and bones, HW + and NO manners, but his spirit was still going strong! What an amazing transformation he went through over the months he was in rescue. He put on over 40lbs, learned how to live with a family, be obedient, was neutered, tail docked and treated for heartworms. He hit the jackpot getting into rescue, but he hit the Mega-jackpot when it came to his forever home!

Young Gun to Gentleman:)

Gabe fits into the category I have nicknamed "The Young Guns". You know that snotty teenager who was never taught any manners, common courtesy and has the common sense of well .. a teenager. Everybody wants a puppy so they get a cute, tiny cuddly great dane puppy.. but don't you know those things grow insanely fast.. have big paws, nibbley mouths no sence of personal space and without training become 100 plus pounds of sweet stupid. Too often these "unmanageable" crazy great danes end up in area shelters and then to us.. SO was Gabe's story.

Gabe was definitely a Young Gun with issues! Poor dude needed groceries, dewormer and treatment for demodex and some tuff love:) His Rock Star foster home has lots of experience with Young Guns and quickly got a handle on his medical condition and with lots of positive reinforcement training turned him into an (almost:) Perfect Gentleman. Gabe is also very lovable and playful so he would need a very patient home who would not only love him but continue his training and positively reinforce his Gentlemanly Qualities!

Mr Gabe met his FURever mom and it was love at first sight! This mom has quite a bit of training experience specifically with a Young Gun and know how to positively reinforce the Perfect Gentleman! They are already enrolled in school and soon will be at the top of their class!

YIPPEE and WHOO HOOO for Gabe and his momma for making the perfect pair!

Not to forget the Guys

The last few FURever posts have featured all our sweet ladies.. so what about the guys? Not to be outdone by our sweet girls they demand equal time and FURever stories so here ya go!

Big Love Bug... aka Odin. What is the guys equivalent to always a bridesmaid? So it was for Odin.. no reason for him to have stuck around so long.. .. he is a sweet, big ole boy who loves people and big dogs. He had just couldn't seal the deal.. Well now I know why:) I could not understand why Odin was not picked at adoption meetings .. he is awesome, squishy lips, pushy nose that is always at hand... the lean and full of love. What the heck...

Everyone knows I love updates from adopters but some updates break my heart.. it is the final update when a loved sweet dane has to pass on. My heart breaks for their humans left behind. But I know sooner or later the memories will bring more smiles than tears and the home will be ready for a new FURkid. So when this past adopter was ready to add to their home I knew exactly why Odin had been waiting.

So Odin is FURever home and don't be surprised if you see him and his FURever human around !

(insert firework gif here.. I still don't know how to do that... so use your imagination!)

Lulu making Lemonade!

Lulu Bug came to rescue after a stay at an area shelter... It is hard to imagine why this sweet young girl would be thought of as a lemon and end up unclaimed in a shelter without a family! Once sprung from the shelter and in a loving foster home Lulu blossomed into a very sweet lady who had nothing but love for life! Lulu had to learn some manners and basic obedience to remember how to behave like a lady .. after all a pretty lady needs some manners! Lulu caught on fast and basically has never met a heartbeat she didn't like!

When Lulu met her furever mom and dad she knew exactly how to win their hearts and pranced, leaned and nuzzled her way into their hearts FURever! Now Lulu and her FURever family are enjoying the summer and all the family visiting! Congrats to all! and keep an eye out I bet you see them at some GDRNT events!

A Special Home for a "Special" Girl

Zoya (Russian: Зоя) is a feminine Russian and Ukrainian first name, a variant of Zoe, meaning "life". In Arabic, it means "the gift of God".

And They all lived Happily Ever After...

What ever happened to the lazy days of summer? Can someone send some to me.. geeeez we are soo crazy busy that I have once again fallen behind on FURever Stories! So here are TWO... and more to come!

We all know the formula of the Disney Princess.. a beautiful princess with a life of strife, sadness and without love... then that magical bippity boppity boo moment when it all changes! So it is with Belle and Beauty...

Rex's Turn!

Another big boy adopted! Rex came to rescue with a severe infestation of heartworms and a little on the skinny side. He went thru his treatment like a champ. Rex was immediately matched with a new 7yr old dane sister, that was not so sure at first if she wanted a brother. Over a couple of weeks with his new family, Rex won over big sister and now they are the best of playmates. Rex has received a new name of Baloo and the name fits the big goofy guy!

Latte's Cup Runith Over!

When Latte came to rescue we were not even sure what color she was! But look at her now! This girl has the heart of a love pup! She had one of the worst cases of very stubborn demodex mange and it seemed to take FURever to get her skin clear ! Her Foster family worked so hard and found that a special diet and medication her skin and coat began to SHINE!

Once she felt awesome this girls sweet personality bubbled over and she quickly won the hearts of everyone she met! I think Latte felt so bad for so long she saved up all her puppy energy and is going through a late puppyhood! So when we had an approved adopter with training experience, some structure and tons of activities that included the dogs... we thought this might be it! Well WOW Latte walked in their home and all over their hearts! Latte LOVES having two young brothers to play with and practice all their training!

I love getting her updates because she is having so much fun... her favorite activity going to the lake!

YIPEE and congrats to Latte and her FURever family


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