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Last FURever Home of 2018

Noseceret that one of my favorite things about rescue is ADOPTION DAY! Our last adoption of 2018 is Penelope who made it official New Years Eve. Penelope came to us oh so scared after her stray hold at a local shelter. In her loving Foster home she adjusted to being a house pet and family member so well! So well that her foster family is now her FURever family!

Home FUR the PAWlidays!

The GDRNT Adoption Elves have been super busy finding the bestest FURever home for some of our furkids! Congrats to Millie, Penny, Caballo, Dexter, Bob and Sapphire on finding FUREver Families! Our adoption elves work hard year round to try to find the bestest FURever homes to try to set everyone up for successful Happy FURever after.

PUPdate! Elvis and Itsy have also found their FURever homes! So exciting for all our pups!

Mitch Can Stop Looking

Mitch came to rescue from a local shelter and we seriously don't get why because he is so sweet! He needed some groceries and a little love and adjusted quickly to being the Gentleman of the Manor. Once he was ready to start looking for her FURever home he did not have to wait long.

Congrats Mitch on finding the bestest FURever home!

Daisy has Planted FURever Roots!

You would be fresh as a Daisy and smile just as big if you had found the perfect FURever home! Ms Daisy has found her furever love with kids of her own to spoil her!

YIPEEE and Congrats!

The Long Road to FURever Home

It took some time but it is safe to say that Nala has found the bestest furever home where she has discovered her love of swimming and has other dogs to play with. She has more energy then most danes and has a lot of personality. Nala first came to GDRNT in 2013 and was later returned by no fault of her own. Nala suffers from skin allergies that are easily controlled by a daily dose of Apoquil and a special diet. This scared alot of potential adopters as the cost can easily ad $200 a month for her care. Those that follow us may recognize Nala from a fundraiser earlier this year where she had to undergo expensive emergency surgery.

Nala has not had an easy road... till now. After nursing Nala back to health after her surgery her foster family could not see how they could let her go as they had grown too attached. I think the feeling was mutual since Nala has thrived in their home.

SO it is officially official as Nala is ADOPTED!

NTXGiving Day Helps Makes FUREver Possible

Want to know why North Texas Giving Day Day is Important? Our first priority will always be danes in area shelters... in one week these 4 came to us from different over crowded shelters. Because of generous donors (and fosters) we were able to take all four in our program and make sure they got the necessary medical care to help them find FURever homes. We do not pull dogs if we do not have the financial resources and foster space to care for them.. it would not be responsible rescue.

Your monetary donations via NTXGiving are a big part of our annual budgeting so on behalf of Moana, Luna, Charllotte and Sunni.

Click to visit NTXGiving day site and donate to Great Dane Rescue of North Texas.

Catching Up on Furever Homes

We do not want to forget to update everyone on all the amazing FURever homes that have been happening! We are so grateful for our FURever families and the life long commitment they make to GDRNT Danes.

Congrats to our FURever families that adopted/committed to love their GDRNT Danes! Yippee to Zoey, Pickle, Keane, Roman, Harriet, Meatball, Kadie, Bear, Lucy, and Mason! Whew! and more coming so stay tuned.

A big welcome to the GDRNT Family to these FURever families.

Marching into April FURever Homes

For our intake team April came in and and went out like a lion. Things around here don't seem to be letting up so to bring everyone up to date on all the PAWsome FURever homes we are gonna do a big FURever PARTY Post! We want to CONGRATULATE Elvis, Frosty, Hugh, Olive, Rocky, Rudy and Bailey!

FURever February Homes

Yup still catching up lol... Just because we are late sharing FURever stories doesn't mean they are not happening!

Things around here are super busy when we have puppies and in February 3 of our special needs double merles found experienced FURever homes who will not only love them but are totally qualified and experienced to make sure these puppies grow into awesome family members!

Four of the Five adoptions in February went to past adopters who have adopted more then one dane from us over the years.

Three of these adoptions were "foster failures" lol

One of our puppies found his home via "failure". This is when failing is a good thing... Foster failing means you have failed as a foster home but have become a FURever adopted family to your foster. In February we had 3 super experienced foster families decide to make their fosters permanent family members! I cannot even count how Manu fosters have successfully passed through these foster homes over the years. Each of these homes have been fostering, volunteering and supporting GDRNT for over 10 years...

One of the biggest compliments to our organization is when people come back to us for their newest FURkid. GDRNT has been at this since 2001, and some of our adopters have been with us since year 1. I tell new adopters that we do not adopt and run but are here to support adopters for the duration. So CONGRATS to all our adoptive families new and old and welcome to the GDRNT Family.

January Adoptions!

WE have been busy and need to catch up on some FURever homes so lets start with January.

Isa- came to us from a small area shelter underweight and not feeling great.. but wow what a great spirit this girl has. It was pretty much love at first sight for her furever family and now this beautiful girl has a loving family who loves her tons!


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