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FURever February Homes

Yup still catching up lol... Just because we are late sharing FURever stories doesn't mean they are not happening!

Things around here are super busy when we have puppies and in February 3 of our special needs double merles found experienced FURever homes who will not only love them but are totally qualified and experienced to make sure these puppies grow into awesome family members!

Four of the Five adoptions in February went to past adopters who have adopted more then one dane from us over the years.

Three of these adoptions were "foster failures" lol

One of our puppies found his home via "failure". This is when failing is a good thing... Foster failing means you have failed as a foster home but have become a FURever adopted family to your foster. In February we had 3 super experienced foster families decide to make their fosters permanent family members! I cannot even count how Manu fosters have successfully passed through these foster homes over the years. Each of these homes have been fostering, volunteering and supporting GDRNT for over 10 years...

One of the biggest compliments to our organization is when people come back to us for their newest FURkid. GDRNT has been at this since 2001, and some of our adopters have been with us since year 1. I tell new adopters that we do not adopt and run but are here to support adopters for the duration. So CONGRATS to all our adoptive families new and old and welcome to the GDRNT Family.

January Adoptions!

WE have been busy and need to catch up on some FURever homes so lets start with January.

Isa- came to us from a small area shelter underweight and not feeling great.. but wow what a great spirit this girl has. It was pretty much love at first sight for her furever family and now this beautiful girl has a loving family who loves her tons!

No Longer Curious about FURever

Curious George always wondered what life in an amazing FURever home would be like, but not any more! George came to rescue from a local shelter where he found himself. Shelter staff contacted us about this young dude who was not doing well in the shelter. Boy did he bloom in foster care! George lived up to his name and is curious to see who will pet him next, what lap he can warm or toy he can have.

Rocket has Landed on Forever Home!

Rocket came to us after Hurricane Harvey when his foster home was caught in the storm. He had been in rescue for sometime prior to the storm and looking for a place to land so he ends dup with us.

Johnny Cash has left his Rusty Cage and Walked a Line Straight into FURever

Johnny Cash had the Prison Blues before he came to rescue but rescue didn't back down and stopped his cry, cry crying and released Johnny from the ring of fire. One piece at a time this man in black got his rhythm and left the home of the blues. This brown eyed handsome man found the green, green grass of a forever home and said goodbye to the sea of heartbreak. So doggone lonesome Johnny Cash has finally found the thing called love! (see what I did there:)

Motley has found his Crew!

Motley is one cool dude and he now has found his FURever Crew! He came to rescue skinny and not feeling great but he is fully recovered and found his perfect FURever family. Motley always wanted a human his own humans and now he has found the besets Forever family perfect for him.

Thanks to all our volunteers and his adoptive family who made all this happen!

FURever Home... For a Senior Dane

Some humans have a seemingly endless capacity for love. GDRNT has been blessed to meet many such people over the years. From our fosters to our volunteers to our adopters, we have been given many examples of the power of love to transform a scared shelter dog into a happy, healthy pup who has found furever.

FURever Home: The Rainbow Bridge

When GDRNT takes in a Dane from a local shelter, our plan is always to find a permanent home beyond the temporary foster home. We have a saying, “The foster home should be the second-best home this Dane ever knows. His furever home is the best.” Sometimes, no matter how hard we look or how many inquiries we get, a Dane’s furever is his foster.

Oliver came to us at the ripe old age of 8 from a local shelter where he’d been turned in when major life changes made it impossible for his family to keep him. When our volunteer arrived to transport him she found a beautiful senior Dane who was terrified to be away from the family he had known his entire life. He was emotionally shut down and terrified of all the new things – new veterinarian, new home, it was all too much.

With time and patience, Oliver began to relax in his foster home and trust that he had found a safe place to stay. His foster dad would not give up on him, stuck with him when his terror caused him to literally shut down. Visits to the vet, changing environments, even just touching his paws would cause him to completely shut down. His Foster dad did not give up and gave Oliver an environment he could feel not only safe but loved.

He even made friends as other fosters came into the home and then left to join their fuever families. Oliver never left his foster home for a furever family. We searched high and low, but Oliver knew something none of us realized – he was already home. Oliver was happy, he knew he was FURever home and safe.

Recently, Oliver let his foster know it was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. After two and a half years, his body was failing him, making day to day harder to navigate. So, in consulate with our veterinarians, and his foster, GDRNT made the choice to let him pass peacefully.

Thank you for loving him and helping him find peace

Magnificent Millie

So many have asked why I volunteer my time and home to foster animals. Some are harder to let go than others. 16 years ago I started volunteering for Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. With in that time span, over 300, probably close to 400 Danes now, have come and gone through my door. One in particular has been my favorite and always will be. Back in the day (hehehe) I used to the queen at helping dogs recover from Demodex mange with out using potent dips and other traditional methods. With the help of many seasoned vets, Texas A&M, research and trial and error, demo became my thing. Here is the story of Millie. I ended up adopting her but sadly she had to cross the rainbow bridge at an early age. It's long, sorry. But THIS is why rescuers rescue! 10 years ago today was when we got that phone call to get my Millie Moo Moo
"I got a call one HOT blazing hot day in Aug of 2007 from The Colony shelter who had a demodex mange Great Dane and everyone knows I am the mange to go gal. A transporter brought her right to me so I could start treatment and get her all fixed up. What they did not tell me is how severe this case was. The transporter from another rescue group pulled up to my house and out comes this weak, 4 to 6 month old puppy in horrific shape.
Millie's skin was literally falling off. She was running 106 temp and I could not touch her. I had to wear medical gloves and I was putting ice packs on her every 4 hours round the clock. She was oozing everywhere and her eyes were swollen shut.
Millie's story was promoted nationwide because of the severe condition she was in. She smelled so bad. SO bad, like blood, decaying skin and mange. It was horrific. I rushed her to Dr B at Ohio Dr the very next day and it was then that I realized this dog had a few hours to live with out medical intervention.
I had a lot of volunteers come by and help me because Millie was literally a full time job and Ella had just turned two. We had to cool her skin, give her meds and keep ice packs on her, rotating the positions.
I fell in LOVE with this bloody stinky mess. As time went on and she got better, it was time for her to be spayed and continue her medical treatment.
I took Millie to Dr B's and for some reason I was worried about her. Not like me at all, right!! As soon as the surgery was finished, Dr B called me and everything went great. I went by the next morning to check on her and she was fabulous. I would take her home later that day.
After lunch I get a phone call and Millie had mutilated her self, ripping out her spay and removing over 80% of her intestines which were now laying on the floor of the vets run. She did this in a matter of minutes. Dr B called me right away in which I gave permission to do emergency surgery. Here was this perfect dog who had mange ( very easily cured and inexpensive to treat) but had raised rescue THOUSANDS of dollars because of her story. Normally we would have had to euthanize at this point but I couldn't. We had the funds and she deserved to see if she would make it. She did but lost over 80% of her intestines.
Long story short is Millie has to be on special food which cost over $400 a month, has chronic diarrhea and is starving. We had nearly 2 years worth donated to us but now she is down to the last few weeks."
Millie was apart of my family and I had no idea what I was going to do. We kept her till her quality of life had become too much for her with the extreme hunger. The foster Dane I have currently reminds me of her because she smiles. All the time. Millie was the happiest Dane I've ever met and she will always be to this day, my one and only. Adopt, don't shop


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