Pepper has Found his Salt: The Perfect FURever

One of the best things about rescue is the friendships forged out of a common goal. One of our biggest assets is the long term support and dedication of some of volunteers who have been with us since our start in 2001. So when you screw up, because I was literally surprised by Thanksgiving.... ( don't judge) you call one of your GDRNT long Besties and beg them to foster. Now I won't lie, sometimes I make these calls fully expecting a foster failure... but not this time .. I was quite frankly desperate for a spot!

Imagine my delight when my bestie and her beautiful family decided to adopt Pepper and make him a FUReer dane! Peppers family has been part of GDRNT since our very earliest days and has served unconditionally as volunteers from Board, to popper scooper.. ..there is nothing they have not done for rescue. Pepper must have known what a special home this is since he moved as if he had always been there, respectful to the senior little dogs, just the right amount of play for the younger humans, cozy cuddle bug for the other little humans and suck up to dad! Pepper stole their hearts and that was that.

Congratulations to Pepper and his FURever family!