Its Graduation Season.. From Foster to FURever

Wow I have been wicked bad about updating everyone on FURever homes! SO I am going to try to hit a few here!

Mary Puppins . Mary came to us as an emergency release from a local shelter because she was ill... in fact she had ingested something and phenomena ! After a stay in the Hospital and follow up care from our great veterinarians she thrived in a loving foster home. Her name turned out to fit her perfectly because she loves KIDS and now has boys to call her very own! You don't think those boys are spoiling her too much?

Claus... this dude needed emergency surgery for an obstruction ... during his recovery he managed to wiggle hard into his foster dads heart... the existing Forever Dane agreed and when Claus was all better his foster dad made it official and be are his FURever dad!

McClane.. I did not understand why it took so long to find McClane a FURever home.. he is an awesome dog but no matter the adoption meeting he could not seal the deal... When we got an application from a long time supporter and past adopter we knew immediately why he had waited so long! McClane was waiting for this family and has a loving FURever mom, dad and kiddos to call his own.

Tori has hit the jackpot! it seems like we have some "serial adopters" in our midst:). Tori was in a local shelter and in need we called on a special foster home that specializes in the pups that may need a little extra love and patience. Well she got so much that she decided to stay with her foster and make it an official FURever home!

Frank and Vixen came to us from local shelters and with some basic veterinary care, groceries and some manners quickly found their FURever homes!

Trinity! I know a ton of you have been waiting for this and we could not be more thrilled! A past adopter had been following Trinity's story and contacted us about possible adoption. Now Trinity's history and medical was something we wanted her FURever family to be very comfortable with .. they never flinched... We started with a slow introduction with the existing dogs and we are pleased to announce that it is official! Trinity has her very own loving awesome family!

Last but not least.. Our LONGEST resident Ozzy has finally found his "Band mates" We all know that Danes have alot of personality and Ozzy had all that and two bags of chips! Full of love, adventure and a distastes for small fluffy things finding his perfect FURever home was a challenge but he is now living the Rock star Life he aspired to!

Congrats to all our FURever Families and Pups