FURever February Homes

Yup still catching up lol... Just because we are late sharing FURever stories doesn't mean they are not happening!

Things around here are super busy when we have puppies and in February 3 of our special needs double merles found experienced FURever homes who will not only love them but are totally qualified and experienced to make sure these puppies grow into awesome family members!

Four of the Five adoptions in February went to past adopters who have adopted more then one dane from us over the years.

Three of these adoptions were "foster failures" lol

One of our puppies found his home via "failure". This is when failing is a good thing... Foster failing means you have failed as a foster home but have become a FURever adopted family to your foster. In February we had 3 super experienced foster families decide to make their fosters permanent family members! I cannot even count how Manu fosters have successfully passed through these foster homes over the years. Each of these homes have been fostering, volunteering and supporting GDRNT for over 10 years...

One of the biggest compliments to our organization is when people come back to us for their newest FURkid. GDRNT has been at this since 2001, and some of our adopters have been with us since year 1. I tell new adopters that we do not adopt and run but are here to support adopters for the duration. So CONGRATS to all our adoptive families new and old and welcome to the GDRNT Family.