Why #NTXGiving is Important to Nala

When we pick up a Dane from a shelter, we never really know what treatments they need to get healthy. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised that the dog is fairly healthy and just needs a comfy place to rest until we find a furever home. Most of the time, the Dane has one of several common health problems that our veterinarians routinely treat. Occasionally, we get a dog like Nala who has ongoing health problems and needs a special home.

Nala initially came to GDRNT four years ago in rough shape. She had severe dermatitis and mastitis that took multiple veterinary visits and months of care to bring under control. Eventually, her condition stabilized, and Nala found a family to call her own. Things were great for awhile until unexpected changes in her home resulted in Nala’s return to rescue.

Even though she was able to return to her former foster home, the stress of changing homes again led to a flair up in her skin conditions. This time, our veterinarian recommended a new, daily medication to manage skin allergies coupled with a special diet. Now, Nala’s skin is stable, and she is back to being a beautiful, loving pup. She just needs to find a furever home willing to keep an eye on and maintain the medication for he allergies.

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