SCOUTing Out a FURever Home

Scout came to rescue because he was a repeat visitor to a local shelter and his family did not want to claim him since they could not provide a home for him any longer ... Scout would wander from home regularly and now we know why. Scout was probably looking for a new furever family, not because his old family was mean but they just could no longer provide for him... so he took it upon him self to find himself a new one. Once in foster care Scout bloomed with a little training, some structure and love. He meshed so well into his foster home that ... well he is staying.

Foster Failure is the one time in your life when failing is a good thing.. it is when you fail as a foster but become a FURever adoptive home to a dane. The best part is that Scouts family will still foster so it is a win win win. Keep a look out at events because you just might see Scout and his FURever family and he can tell you how awesome it is to finally be FURever home.