Rocket has Landed on Forever Home!

Rocket came to us after Hurricane Harvey when his foster home was caught in the storm. He had been in rescue for sometime prior to the storm and looking for a place to land so he ends dup with us.

Senior dogs can sometimes be hard to place since so many people "want more time". but a few see the awesome sauce all over the seniors! A mature dane like Rocket is passed all the puppy chewing, potty accidents, trash tumbling and crazy stages of a younger dog... Experienced Danes are what I call "move in ready". once they get home they need to know where to potty, where to eat and who to love!

When we got an application looking for a senior our adoption team know Rocket was the perfect dog for them so once they were approved a meeting was set up and tahhh dahhhh

Rocket landed his pawfect FURever home!